Liver King Wife: Meet The ‘Liver Queen’ “Barbara Johnson”

Liver King wife has set an example of loyalty and love for the others to follow, as she has embraced his lifestyle herself. Thus, it is no wonder that she has been the pillar of strength and inspiration behind this social media sensation.

Liver King wife

Liver King is no less than a celebrity figure on social media. He is among the top dieticians and marketers on social media. He made heads turn with claims that he eats raw meat. Moreover, his physique has also been a source of much debate. On December 2, 2022, he posted a video expressing remorse, revealing that his physique was not entirely natural and acknowledging the use of steroids. This revelation garnered significant media attention.

However, apart from all these, the fact about him, which has caught popular attention, is Liver King wife. Here you must know that she has been a regular presence alongside him on his YouTube videos and they seem to match perfectly with eachother. If you wish to know about her wife then you should go through this article in detail.

Liver King

Who Is Liver King?

Brian Johnson, widely recognized as the “Liver King,” is a prominent figure in social media, marketing, and nutrition. Boasting the moniker “the liver king,” he commands a substantial following of 3 million on TikTok and 1.25 million on Instagram. His claim to fame stems from his unconventional diet, particularly his penchant for consuming raw meat. Brian gained widespread attention by sharing viral videos on TikTok showcasing his raw meat consumption, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Within two years, the Liver King amassed a staggering 3 million fans. Notably, Brian’s dietary preference revolves around the regular consumption of animal livers, a practice he enthusiastically promotes to everyone he encounters, earning him this distinctive nickname.

His Early Days

Born on April 7, 1977, in Texas, Brian faced early challenges when he lost his father to illness. Following this difficult period, he and his mother relocated to San Antonio. During his childhood, Brian, who would later be known as the Liver King, wasn’t a robust and sturdy individual. He was smaller in stature, and both he and his younger brother were subjected to bullying by their peers.

Upon completing his early education, Brian pursued higher studies at Texas University, majoring in biology, and successfully graduated. Even during his university years, the Liver King grappled with physical weakness, doubts, and aspirations. While the current information provides details about his early life and struggles, updates regarding his parents and brothers are anticipated in the future.

What Does He Do For A Living?

In 2004, he entered the pharmaceutical industry and later married Barbara. Brian’s joy in starting a family was tempered by the fragile health of his children. Unfortunately, one of his sons faced serious health issues, including allergies, prompting a hospitalization that brought them to the brink of potential loss. This experience deeply affected the Liver King, stirring a profound emotional response.

Motivated by this crisis, Brian embarked on a transformative journey, overhauling his lifestyle and dietary habits. Adopting a regimen inspired by ancestral practices, his family’s health significantly improved. The Liver King then became a proponent of ancestral living, advocating for the consumption of raw and natural foods, engaging in physical activity, and embracing other habits prevalent in the past. He also decided to share his family’s lifestyle on social media platforms. As positive feedback grew, Brian transformed his concept into a business venture. The Liver King launched the “ancestral living” online store, featuring products such as protein shakes, grass-fed beef liver capsules, beef bone marrow capsules, beef thyme, collagen, and more.

Economic Details

Liver King is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million, primarily derived from his family business, branding initiatives, and social media advertisements. Charging between $30 and $200 for each pill he produces contributes significantly to his income. His growing popularity has led to numerous invitations to appear on shows, events, and YouTube channels, solidifying his status as a bona fide celebrity. Notably, Liver King recently invested his hard-earned money in an expansive 8,300-square-foot Spanish house. With his current ventures, he anticipates an annual income of around $250,000.

Liver King Wife

Barbara Johnson, Liver King’s spouse, is affectionately known as the “Liver Queen” as she wholeheartedly embraces all nine of Liver King’s principles. Barbara actively participates in YouTube videos and Instagram posts alongside her husband. The couple, Brian and Barbara, found love at a skiing event, and together they have two sons, 15-year-old Stryker and 13-year-old Rad. The boys frequently join their father in various appearances, earning the endearing nickname “liver boys” from their audience.

Liver King: The Principles 

Liver King’s approach is grounded in these nine principles:


Despite residing in a luxurious house, he advocates sleeping on rocks, as he personally rests on a pebble bed.


Liver King promotes the consumption of raw milk, bone marrow, and pure raw meat for overall well-being.


Emphasizing daily physical activity, he encourages everyone to take a 30-minute walk each day.


He advises safeguarding oneself from excessive internet usage and processed foods. He has implemented protective measures, including a shield in his house to block electromagnetic energy.


Connecting with nature by walking barefoot is endorsed as a means of grounding oneself with Mother Earth.


Advocating the benefits of cold exposure, Liver King suggests opting for cold baths.


Stressing the importance of absorbing vitamin D from sunlight.


Encouraging individuals to face challenges with resilience and determination.


Acknowledging the significance of forming meaningful connections with others.

Final Words

Liver Queen, the wife of Brian has been the most ardent follower of his way of life and that seems to have strengthened their bond of love. While the popularity of Brian keeps soaring higher with each passing day, we wish both the ‘King’ and the ‘Queen’ all the best for the days to come.