Can You Scrap Your Car Without The Wheels?

Scrap Your Car

While it’s not impossible to scrap your car without the wheels, it’s surely difficult. Moreover, it will also have a major negative impact on the scrap price of your vehicle. Professional car scrapping companies expect their customers to provide a scrap vehicle that’s fully equipped with all the necessary components. And since the wheels form a major part of any vehicle, the scrapping process can prove to be a little tedious. 

In this extensive guide, we’ll be taking a look at the significant reasons why scrapping your vehicle without the wheels can prove to be a difficult proposition.

Why Is It Challenging To Scrap Your Vehicle Without Wheels?

According to a car removal company offering services such as cash for cars in Auckland, the obvious problem that you’d face when trying to scrap a vehicle without its wheels is transportation. Since the car will be devoid of any wheels, it will not be easy for you to move around your vehicle from one place to another. This means that you have to spend an additional amount of money on transportation, which can either be high or low, depending upon your home distance from the car removal company. 

Apart from being difficult to transport your scrap vehicle from your home to the car scrapyard, the time required for such a procedure will also be high. Since the process will require the correct equipment, manpower and skill, it can prove to be a massive headache for you.

Furthermore, you must also know that car tyres or wheels have their specific value as well, which is the reason why we’d strictly advise against removing any component from your car, before scrapping. You can end up getting a price quote that’s low because of the wheels and the extra transportation costs. 

However, if you’re in a difficult circumstance where your vehicle wheels have been stolen, then the ideal thing to do would be to be as honest as possible before the car scrapping company. You can proceed to explain the entire scenario and thereby hope for the best.

Should You Sell Your Scrap Vehicle Wheels Separately?

As we have already suggested before – it’s highly recommended that you don’t remove any component from your vehicle before you decide to scrap the same. It can not only make your scrapping process difficult but also can lose a good chunk of the total car scrap value. There’s no guarantee that you will get good returns on your scrap vehicle wheels when selling them separately because the value of alloy, aluminium and steel wheels fluctuate based on the financial markets. The returns that you might get might not be worth the hassle in the end. 

Thus, it’s suggested to always scrap your vehicle intact with its wheels.