Overview of the 5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Cell Phone Number Tracker Apps

If you’re one of those that believe GPS tracking is a complicated operation, we have good news for you; it’s as easy as the table of two. With advanced new mobile applications being released every day, what are you waiting for? Get a free GPS tracker app for your phone now and keep track of your or a loved one’s phone from the comfort of your home.

Free cell phone number tracker applications are simply GPS position trackers that assist you in finding an anonymous caller, a family member, or a friend’s location by tracking their phone numbers.

Here we have the top five cell phone number tracker apps for mobile location tracking, along with their most popular features. Want to snoop on someone without them knowing? Here are the tools you should be using:

Keep Your Children Safe with uMobix

uMobix is undoubtedly one of the best free cell phone number tracker applications on the market right now. A standout feature of uMobix is that it works on both Android and iOS.

It monitors nearly all of the target phone’s activity, including phone conversations, SMS messages, current location, browser histories, social media activities, etc. uMobix also allows you to capture screenshots of the other person’s phone by providing you real-time access to the device.

uMobix features:

  • Real-time control panel

  • Tracking of phone calls

  • Let’s you keep a tab on texts

  • A high-tech GPS tracker

  • Browsing history stalking

  • Photo gallery access

Track the following on your kids’ cell phones with the uMobix app:

  • Calls & Messages: Keep track of call records, text messages, deleted texts, call logs, and contacts. You may also limit calls and disable notifications.

  • Location: Get access to the person’s current location using uMobix GPS Tracking.

  • Social Media Activities: Monitor everyday social media activities of your kids on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tik-Tok, Tinder, and YouTube.

  • Internet: Keep track of the browser’s usage, history, and bookmarks.

  • Other Features include keylogging, application blocking, photo and video tracking, data consumption management, device banning, switching SIM cards, and parental control monitoring.

Catch Your Partner Red Handed with SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble Pro is a simple-to-use number tracker software that allows you to track the online activities of your partner. You can use your device to monitor the activities that your partner is involved in. Note that SpyBubble Pro supports both iOS and Android smartphones, although it does perform a little bit differently on both these systems.

All you need to do is download the app on the target device, and it will start sprinting in the background. The program sends concise content to the target servers every minute, which relays back the information that is easily accessible with the help of a well-organized interface. This interface also helps you easily control multiple functions of the app.

SpyBubble Pro features:

  • Monitor every message that is sent and received.

  • Keep track of all YouTube and other app activities running on the phone.

  • Any modifications in the contact list can be detected with this spy program.

  • You also get a monitoring and snooping tool to keep a tab on communications that have been erased.

  • It will automatically get updated on the target phone.

Track the following on your partner’s cell phones with the SpyBubble Pro app:

  • Calls and Messages: Incoming and outgoing calls and text messages can all be monitored.

  • Location: You can track your partner’s location easily with Geo-tracking.

  • Social Media Activities: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few examples of social media platforms that can be tracked using SpyBubble Pro. You can also monitor YouTube and other apps.

  • Internet: SpyBubble Pro also assists you in keeping track of what your partner is searching on the web.

  • Other features include IM tracking, reading contacts, access to notes, and the photo gallery. Application banning is another notable feature.

Secretly Monitor a Target Device’s Activity with Cocospy

Cocospy is a cell phone number tracker app that allows you to monitor the online and offline activities of a target device. This spy program is designed to run in stealth mode, meaning it can track a cell phone without letting its owner know about it.

Call and SMS tracking, social media activity monitoring, and location tracking are just a few of the functionalities this app offers. Moreover, the fact that millions of people are using it in over 190 countries is a testimony to the tool’s reliability and effectiveness.

Cocospy features:

  • You can use both smartphones and tablets to keep track of activities.

  • Take note of all the keystrokes made on the Android device.

  • Individual and group chats are both available for reading.

  • It lets you see all of the photographs and videos of the device you’re spying on.

  • Cocospy tracking app supports both Android and iOS devices.

  • You can also check the call logs along with the call duration and timestamps.

Track the following on the targeted cell phone with the Cocospy app:

  • Calls & Messages: Keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, as well as SMS and iMessages.

  • Social Media Activities: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are some of the most popular social media platforms that you can keep an eye on with Cocospy.

  • Location: Cocospy uses GPS tracking and geofencing to keep track of the target device.

  • Internet: It lets you track the browser history of the target device.

  • Other features include detection of any modifications to the SIM card and tracking of the IMEI number.

Locate a Device Without Installing Any Software with GEOfinder Mobi

GEOfinder Mobi is a powerful phone number tracker that pinpoints the exact position of any phone number you want to track using any mobile network.

Since all that the GEOfinder software does is send a message to the target device, it can be used on any phone, be it an Android device or an iPhone.

GEOfinder Mobi delivers the intended person a message (generally asking for permission for an update or something similar but is actually a message requesting location sharing) that appears to be generated by the system. As a result, the target person will not suspect anything while granting the location permission.

GEOfinder Mobi features:

  • All mobile network carriers are supported.

  • The geolocation request is made anonymously.

  • You can find out where the targeted person is by simply using their phone number.

  • Get a comprehensive map of the intended person’s current location.

  • Requests for geolocation can be made indefinitely.

Track the following on the targeted cell phone with the GEOfinder Mobi software:

  • Location: Get the precise location of the intended person using Geo-tracking.

  • Other features include tracking the location of another person’s cell phone without revealing your identity.

Track a Phone with an Affordable Hoverwatch App for Android

Hoverwatch is a fantastic free cell phone number tracker software for tracking Android devices. The best thing about this tool is that you remain 100% undetectable, so your target won’t know you’re doing it.

Another excellent feature of this tracker app is that it can be installed secretly from your account, allowing you to view all of the data sent and received by the device’s owner.

You can also look into the browsing history and keep an eye on the websites that the target phone’s owner is visiting.

Hoverwatch features:

  • It keeps you undetectable.

  • This hidden software can be downloaded from your online account.

  • It gives you access to all the data that the device user has received and sent.

  • The Hoverwatch app records all the websites that the target Android device’s owner visits.

Track the following on the targeted cell phone with the Hoverwatch app:

  • Calls & Messages: Hoverwatch keeps a tab on incoming and outgoing calls on the target device and also grants you access to its SMS contacts.

  • Location: It allows you to keep track of the targeted device’s owner’s location with GPS tracking along with SIM card location tracking.

  • Social Media Activities: Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the popular social media platforms that you can keep an eye on with Hoverwatch.

  • Internet: Gives you access to the browsing history by recording and monitoring it.

  • Other features include capturing screenshots on the target device, SIM card detection, appointments, storing information regarding appointments and reminders, and allowing you to click pictures on the camera.

Third-Party Apps

Here are two potent third-party solutions to tracking a cell phone number:

Locate a Phone for Free with Google Services

Find My Device is Google’s official and simple-to-use solution for tracking your misplaced Android device. The best part is that you don’t need to download an app to keep track of your gadgets. That said, your Android phone must be linked to your Google account, switched on, and have access to the internet. Once you’re connected to your Google account, simply go to the Find My Device website and track your device.

Use Free Native Phone Locators

Consider Dropbox as the final resort. You must have the Dropbox app installed, and the “Camera Upload” feature turned on your phone.

Every time the thief takes a photo from your phone, it’ll be immediately transferred to your Dropbox “Camera Uploads” folder. There’s a chance that you can deduce the location from the background of the photos that have been posted.

Say you aren’t a big fan of Dropbox. In that case, you can always turn back to any of the above-mentioned cell phone tracker applications, such as uMobix and SpyBubble Pro, and get access to the target device’s location.


All the methods mentioned above are equally adept in tracking the location of your child or partner or even your own misplaced/stolen phone. However, if we have to name the best app from the above, that would surely be uMobix.

uMobix is regarded as one of the best cell phone number tracker applications since it lets you track all messages, call information, and social media platforms of your target. What’s more, it comes with an advanced GPS tracker, a thorough and straightforward installation process, a user-friendly interface, and responsive customer service. Usually, such a mix of features and services would be prohibitively expensive, but uMobix remains accessible to all, thanks to its affordable pricing.


What cell phone tracker apps work without jailbreak?

Cocospy, Hoverwatch, uMobix, SpyBubble Pro, and GEOfinder are amongst the best cell phone number tracker apps that work without jailbreaking.

Is it possible to locate a phone if it is switched off?

Even if the phone is turned off, it may be tracked. Although it may not be as easy as detecting a phone that is switched on, still, there are several methods you can use to discover a misplaced phone that has been turned off. iPhone users can track a switched-off phone with the help of the Find My iPhone feature, and Android users can use the Find My Device features to locate their device in real-time. You can also use the IMEI location tracking.

How to choose the best app for my needs?

When choosing the best mobile phone tracking app for your needs, consider these factors: continuous and accurate monitoring, ease of set up, data security and encryption, tracking of phone conversations, messages, customer assistance, functions of parental control, etc. Make a list of features most important to you. After that, skim through our list of the top 5 cell phone tracker apps to zero in on the best one for you.