How to Make Your Small Room Look Luxurious

Room Look Luxurious

Decorating could become daunting in case you have a small room. You can’t add everything you want because it could be too extra for the apartment. Your room can become cluttered. But at the same time, if you stick with just the basic items, your room may start to look dull.

The easiest way to make your small space look more luxurious is by using stylish decor. Bright slip covers can create an accent on a sofa, ottoman, couch, chair, or bed. Use them to change the look of your cushions or pillows. But if it’s not enough, and you want to add even more character to your room, use the following recommendations.

1. Add Bold Accents

Small rooms are the trickiest ones. You can’t add too many bold items because your apartment may start to look like a patchwork. And it visually reduces the size of an already small room. Meanwhile, you can’t create a “full white” space because it will look too sterile. And it visually reduces the room’s size as well.

So the easiest solution to this tricky situation is to design a room with a few light colors but add bold accents. That’s how you can make your room appear bigger, but at the same, it would feel like an actual living space.

Here are some accents that can create a luxurious atmosphere: decorative molding, blackout curtains, metallic items, pottery, candles, or large soft pillows. Use 1-2 accents from this list in one room. It would be enough to create a pleasing living space.

2. Go With Antique Pieces

Antique items give your room a luxurious and royal atmosphere. It applies even to a small studio in a newly built apartment building. You don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Go to a few garage sales or find the nearest big flea market to discover mesmerizing items. Look at the late XIX-century small accessories. They are old enough to be considered antique and not as expensive as the ones made before the XIX century.

3. Lift Mood With Fresh Flowers

As Miley Cyrus said, you can buy yourself flowers. They lift the mood in a room, making it more festive and luxurious. That small detail can give you good emotions whenever you look at them. You don’t need a huge bouquet of 100 roses. Even 5-7 tulips or carnations would be enough to add a romantic and luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, they are significantly cheaper than roses, orchids, and saffron crocus. Ask a local florist to make a budget-friendly bouquet for you.

4. Rethink Your Lighting

Make sure that you can lighten your room with various light sources. Bright rooms are often associated with luxury. It shows that you can customize lighting to your current needs: make it brighter while working and dimmer while resting.

There are many budget-friendly light options too. You can also visit the nearest discount store, flea market, or garage sale to find an interesting floor lamp.

Make sure that you can create dim lightning. You can do it by adding dimmer switches to your current lightning or by purchasing a separate lamp with dim light and placing it where you like to spend your evenings.

5. Invest In a Statement Piece

Think about what can be a centerpiece of the room and get a piece of furniture that can highlight your vision. It can be a bed frame made of dark wood, a glass dresser, a big chair, a metallic golden table, a retro unit cabinet, etc. Consider the room style, and your budget to find out what could be the best statement piece for your room.

6. Introduce Touches of Velvet

Velvet is always considered an indicator of a wealthy household. In the past, it was made from silk strings. But modern velvet can be made of cotton, wool, linen, or synthetic fibers. It is still soft and hypoallergenic. But it is selling for a much lower price. You can find velvet soft furniture covers in various designs for a reasonable price. It gives your room a more luxurious atmosphere because velvet still reminds people of royal palaces. 

7. Add Candles

It’s a statement decor that can perform several functions: a bold accent, an antique item, and a light source. If you add 5+ candles at one table, it can give you enough light to read books. But if you decide to add just 2-4 candles, that could act as dim lighting for a romantic atmosphere.

As you see, it’s pretty easy to make your room look more luxurious with budget-friendly solutions. Remember, sticking to your own style is the best way to create a good-looking space. Trends come and go, but you are the one living in this space. Listen to your heart while choosing luxurious decor to spruce up your room!

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