Do You Require a Bathtub Crack Repair Or Makeover? How To Find The Best Option?

Bathtub Crack Repair

Bathtub Crack Repair Services

Do you have a bathtub that you consider as your sanctuary after a long tiring day either at work or home? Relaxing bubble bath of your favorite scent is what you need to relax your aching muscles. But what happens when your bathtub has grime, rust, and cracks? It can quickly turn your relaxing time into a nightmare. At this point, you need bathtub crack repair service, but many avoid having it because it can become overwhelming.

Whether your bathtub needs minor crack repair or a major mess cleaning, there is always an option that will come within your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. We are providing you with options that come with pros and cons so you know which option will be the best that will turn your bathtub renovation nightmare into a dream come true.

bathtub crack repair
bathtub crack repair

Bathtub Reglazing/Refinishing

This bathtub renovation has many names like resurfacing, recoating, refinishing, and reglazing. So if you come across anyone of these name, you will know what this process involves. This process is straightforward. A specialist begins by sanding down the bathtub surface, fill in cracks and worn areas. After that, the specialist will apply several coats of primer before doing the final buffing.

Will it work for your tub?

If your bathtub is in good condition and only have minor cracks, stains, and other surface imperfections then getting it reglazed or having bathtub crack repair is a good option. However, it is ideal for only certain types of the tub. The most antique one is a claw-foot tub that is made with heavy cast iron, and for this type of tub, it is a way to go. Another bathtub is acrylic ones as long as they do not have any major issues.


  1. It is the most affordable bathtub renovation service. It cost you between the average of $200-$650.
  2. This is a quick, as it usually takes only a day to complete!


  1. The materials used for this purpose can be a bit harmful. It is very toxic and requires the customer to leave the house for a day so that the house could ventilate properly.
  2. This process can only be performed once. If you get a poor job and your bathtub is peeling, then you have to switch to other options.
  3. The weather can have a huge impact on the dry process of the finishing coat and how well it bonds to the surface. Humidity is harmful, so it is best to avoid tub refinishing during hot days of summer. Cooler, less humid weather is ideal for this process.

Bathtub replacement

Whether your bathtub is just dirty or requires a fresh start, bathtub replacement is the ideal option in this regard. This process is time-consuming and expensive as well, as it involves tearing out the bathtub in order to install a new one.

This process involves removing the entire wall tile, which will lead to plaster repairs and sheetrock as well. Also, when the walls are open, it is the best time to upgrade the shower valve, install blocking for future grab bars and much more related to it.

Will it work for your tub?

Go for this option if you have an ample amount of time and money for this project because it involves a total bathtub replacement. Also, those homeowners who do not like the existing size, shape, or location of the tub will have a chance to customize their new space totally.

  1. In this process, you have the choice to get the material of your preference and can opt for a less expensive option like fiberglass or acrylic. And can put money on the labor cost.
  2. You can transform your existing tub. This is the process where you have the option to get a bathtub that truly meets your needs.
  3. This is a long-term solution.

It is the most expensive bathtub option. It can cost between $300-3,000, plus labor.

Make sure you have a plan for an extra budget that can be spent on the tiles you might need around the tub area you are putting back.

It can take up to several weeks or even months and have to use an alternate bathroom option. It is like surgery; you have considered each and everything in order to make a perfect ideal bathroom.