Effective Marketing on Social Media: Dos and Don’ts

Marketing on Social Media

If you are thinking about paying for marketing from the social media platforms themselves, then feel free to give it a try, but start very small. Invest just a few dollars per day and build a solid foundation before trying to make bigger moves. This is one of those cases where throwing money at the problem won’t fix it, won’t make you grow faster, and certainly won’t build a solid foundation. Social media platforms are built to make money from advertisers. Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, Tesla and Space X, said it himself. If you are not paying the social media platform for a product, then you are the product. Here are a few snippets of advice that will help make your marketing campaign more effective.

Do Get Traction Before Investing in Your Best Stuff

This advice comes from Andrew Tate, the record holder for the most Googled man on the planet. He, his brother and his team literally invested millions into their social media posts and got very little out of them for the longest time. This is because they had very little traction. Only start investing lots of time and lots of money after your subscriber numbers have started to steadily climb. Otherwise, you are throwing away money at nothing. If you are not getting the numbers, even small numbers, on a consistent basis, then take more drastic action. 

Start paying the social media platforms for advertising and start buying up other people’s social media accounts and redirect their traffic to your posts. There are social media marketplaces like Fameswap where you can buy somebody else’s account and promote to their followers. Use these sorts of services to gain a bit of traction before you start investing big chunks of time and money to your social media posts. Again, don’t pay for Van Gogh level posts if only two hundred people are going to see them.

Don’t Pander to Trends Unless Warned in Advance

Kids fall for trends. By the time you see a social media trend, it is already in its dying phase. The peak happens before people even start talking about it. The only place where this advice doesn’t fly is TikTok. If you check your TikTok messages, they occasionally tell you the next trend they are starting. In these cases, it is highly advisable that you get in on the trend because TikTok promotes people who follow their trends.

Do Test and Retry Until You Find What Works

Finding your own footing is a good idea, but it goes more deeper than that. After enough experience, you are going to notice how some stuff just pops and some stuff doesn’t. For example, you can create all sorts of content and post them on your several YouTube channels, and for some reason, some will take off and some won’t. It feels almost random, especially when you put something great from one platform to another, and it flops on one while going viral on another. In short, test, try again and experiment until you find what works.

Don’t Cut Up and Copy Other People’s Stuff

A common tip, found on other social media articles, is to chop up TV shows and other people’s content and use it on your own social media profile. This has been a usable tactic since YouTube and TikTok started their little pissing contests over short-form content. However, it is not a sustainable business plan. It lives and dies on the whims of the social media ranking algorithm. It will love you, until it doesn’t, and then your channel dies (probably under a wave of copyright strikes if we are honest).

Do Try to Focus on a Single Selling Point

If you are pushing a product or service on social media, then in-depth adverts are not your friend. Pick a single selling point and run it into the ground. If your UV light kills black mold, mites, surface bacteria, purifies smells and gives people a tan, then just market that it kills black mold. It sounds like a massive waste of selling points, but social media is built to be consumed quickly and with little thought. If you try to put more than one thought into people’s minds, they will ignore you as you merge into the rest of the social media white noise they consume.

Don’t Follow Tips Articles Like These

Not to undermine the integrity of this article, but let’s face it, there are a lot of articles, Facebook posts and YouTube videos about how to effectively market your company or services on social media. They can’t all be right. Think of your marketing campaign as a lump of clay, and it is up to you to sculpt and shape it into something brilliant. Be careful of who else’s fingerprints you allow on your masterpiece.

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