Young Entrepreneurs: Help Your Kids Start A Business

Kids Start A Business
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Do your kids spend all day watching TV, playing mobile games, or staring at the computer? Not a healthy way to pass their free time, do you agree? It may be good to help them with a startup marketing business to make their hours productive.

If you want to get marketing help for startups, you came to the right place. We outlined the basic steps you should take to help your kids become an entrepreneur. Read on and gain some valuable insight into the world of startup marketing.

1. Choose a Business In Line With Their Passion

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The first thing you need to consider is what gets the interest of your child. To motivate and inspire them to do this grown-up thing, it needs to be something they will enjoy doing.

Have a coaching session with them and brainstorm on the things they are passionate about.

Make them list the things they like. You could use colored crayons or pens (depending on your child’s age) to make the activity fun. Turn it into a drawing class where they make illustrations of the business they want to put up.

2. Make a To-Do Checklist

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The most successful business people are organized. Lay out your plans clearly and step-by-step. One of the reasons for this is so that you don’t forget anything important. Especially working with children, they might get sidetracked from their primary goals.

List all the things you need to do and take care of. You can get your child one of those colorful organizers to entice them to check it daily. Jot down everything to do weekly, broken down by day. Make them adhere to a schedule.

3. Teach Them About Money Management

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It’s essential to familiarize your kids with the smart way to handle money. Assign teenagers to record income and business expenses. Younger children can use the math they learned in school to add up price totals and counting change.

Once they get the hang of the simple stuff, you can introduce more complex topics. Examples are calculating gross profits and managing overhead expenses. In time, they’ll be able to handle these things with minimal to no help.

It’s also helpful if they learn how much a startup should spend on marketing, which is a critical part of a business. Especially when they plan to expand, advertising for startups will be vital to achieving this goal.

Note that you may need to provide the money to start the business. Remember to teach your kids how to spend money wisely, too.

4. Hone Their Customer Service and Communication Skills

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Some children tend to be shy, and this is something you need to work on. Build up their confidence and harness their communication skills. To be a successful entrepreneur, they must be an effective communicator. They should also be listeners with empathy.

Train your child in explaining their product or service using clear and basic terms. Help them understand their business inside out.

Also, basic customer service skills are essential, as this is a critical factor for building startup branding. Many hype brands are built on their effective customer service. They should learn to answer customer queries politely and with a smile. Finding out customer needs and providing solutions are also important skills to master.

5. Manage Legal Matters Associated With the Business

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Many kids may view this venture as play, but business is a serious business. You must make them appreciate the significance of the entire thing. Let them understand that laws govern the whole process.

Being an adult, the task of handling the “paperwork” for their startup marketing is upon you. Yes, a child owns the business, but that does not exempt them from obeying the law.

Know the ins and outs of putting up a startup marketing business. Acquiring business permits, establishing a business name, and paying taxes are complex concepts. These are too big for a child to handle single-handedly.

It’s also a good idea to seek professional marketing help for startups. You may consult an effective startup marketing agency for this. A digital marketing agency for startups will guide and assist you with setting up shop.

6. Help Your Kids, But Let Them Do the Work

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Children are young and innocent. Therefore, they will naturally need an adult’s guidance and supervision. They will come to you now and again with questions and for advice. As their elder, you have to lend them a helping hand.

But remember, this is their startup branding business. Your child owns it. You may assist them, but they need to do the heavy work themselves. At first, you may have to do a big bulk of the load. But they have to watch and learn to do it with ease and confidence as their startup marketing business grows.

7 Brilliant Business Ideas for Kids

To help you further in your mission, here are some startup branding business ideas you can work with.

  1. Selling Candy

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Candy is one of the most age-appropriate products kids can sell. Their clientele will be primarily kids, too, kids who can be their friends.

  1. Tutoring Services

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If your kid is a straight-A student, doing tutorials is a brilliant idea. These services involve little to no overhead expenses.

  1. Jewelry Designer

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This idea might be more suited for girls. You can buy DIY materials and make them watch how-to videos online. You may also master the craft with them.

  1. Artist

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If your child is good at painting or sketching, they can use this talent to create artwork to sell. Give them art supplies, and have their works framed.

  1. Blogger

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Blogging is a brilliant idea for kids who have an aptitude for writing. Help them set up their site, and they can write and share their content.

  1. Food Grower

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Letting your kids grow plants they can sell is not only good business training. It will also teach them to be responsible for other living things.

  1. Gift Basket Deliverer

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Gift baskets are fun and easy to make. Buy fruits, candy, or whatnot and get your hands on some dainty baskets or boxes, clear wraps, and ribbons.

Preparing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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Helping your kids put up their own business may seem like a daunting mission. This guide should be helpful.

These business ventures aren’t really about making a profit. If extra income is the top goal, a job would be the easier way to go about it.

However, starting their own business will give your kids valuable life experience. It will also enhance their skills. Organization, money management, problem-solving, communication, and social skills are only a few.

If you’re not business savvy yourself, you can consult a startup branding agency. They can provide professional insight on the initial steps your child can take on this venture.

Ask your kid if they’re up to the challenge. May you have success and the best of luck.