Rapper XXXtentacion- Know All The Interesting Details About The Inspiring

XXXtentacion Quotes

Rapper XXXTentacion is a popular rapper who mesmerised his audience with his inspiring lyrics. His full name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy and professionally XXXTentacion. But he died due to multiple shots fired into his neck. Yet still, his quotes from the songs are an amazing testimony to his great skills. Further, he is born in Plantation, Florida and grew up in Lauderhill. Do you know that he started to write songs after he came out of a juvenile detention centre?  

After that, in 2013 he began his music career on SoundCloud. He used unconventional styles and techniques in rap music and it became popular. Also, he got some inspiration from the third-wave emo and grunge. He received mainstream attention after his song “Look at Me” and the xxxtentacion quotes in the song became famous. Find out all the amazing details of rapper xxxtentacion here. 

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy’s early life was problematic 

Onfroy mainly grew up with his grandmother Collette Jones because his mother had some personal problems. The names of his parents are Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy and Cleopatra Eretha Dreena Bernard. They were Jamaican. Also, his father named him from the Bob Marley song that said: “So Jah She”. 

When Onfroy is only six years old he stabbed a man who was trying to attack his mother. He was in a detention center for youths because of the incident. Also, Onfroy’s mother said that he was beaten by his abusive father frequently. Later his father went to jail. 

He was interested in music from a young age 

Onfroy was a little boy when he joined the church choir group. He had interest in music from this stage but he was kicked out of the choir after he hurt a boy. Then he went to Margate Middle School but he git expelled from the school because of physical altercations. After that, he started to listen to nu-metal, hard rock and rap. 

The starting point of his career – ‘Look at Me’ song

Onfroy’s career as a music artist began in 2013 when he released the song “News/Flock”. In 2015 he released “Look at Me” on the SoundCloud account which became popular. Many of xxxtentacion quotes are popular. 

Documentary about xxxtentacion 

There is a documentary about xxxtentacion as Look at Me and it came out on 2022. This film focuses on the life and death of xxxtentacion. Further, the scenes had favourable and controversial parts of his life. Some of the people in the documentary are XXXTentacion, Geneva Ayala his ex-girlfriend, Bass Santana his friend and collaborator, Cleopatra Bernard his mother and a lot more. 

His relationships 

In 2014 Onfroy met Geneva Ayala. They two became boyfriend and girlfriend after Onfroy texted Ayala saying that he wants to fight with her boyfriend after he released her scantily clad pictures without her permission. Also, her boyfriend even said that she abused him. In 2016 she moved in with Onfroy. 

His unexpected death 

In 2018 Onfroy was leaving Riva Motorsports Motorcycle & Marine Superstore when he was blocked by a black Dodge Journey SUV in the parking lot. Two armed men came out of the SUV and got near the rapper. They fought with him and stole his small Louis Vuitton bag containing $50,000. After that, they shot the rapper multiple times. Then the shooters fled the scene. Later the paramedics came to carry him to the nearby Broward Health North hospital. But they could not save him as he died. 


Xxxtentacion quotes are popular and many of his fans enjoy it. His death was a tragedy but still his songs are living.