A Biography Of Suzette Quintanilla’s son Jovan Arriaga

Jovian Arriaga

If you are a music lover then you have probably heard the name Suzette Quintanilla and Selena Quintanilla. Well, fans are also quite curious about their family members. So, in this article, we will discuss the son of Suzette Quintanilla, Jovan Arriaga. 

Jovan Arriaga is really famous for his family members who enjoy as much spotlight as his mother. Moreover, you might also be quite familiar with the name Selena Quintanilla. Yes, she is the elder sister of Suzette. 

So, who is Jovan Arriaga and what does the person do? It’s not always easy for us to know about the family members of our favorite artist right? However, we will share as much as we know about him.

Jovan Arriaga BIO:WIKI and Age

Birth Day March 5, 1998
Birth Place United States
Parents Suzette Quintanilla, Bill Arriaga

The Child Of The Popular Drummatist And Popstar

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to be extremely famous and not exude that same glory to the other family members. Well, such is the case with Suzette Quintillia. She is a pop star and a drummer who is extremely popular in the musical zone. 

Moreover, her passion for music is so great that so many people have become huge fans of her. She is an American musician who’s famous for her great skill at percussion and drums. Moreover, she is the one who provides the vocals for her family band. The name of the family band is Selena y Los Dinos. 

A Little Biographical Sketch

Jovian, the son of Suzette is has gathered quite a spotlight on himself as well. The young son of the celebrity was born in the year 1998 on 5th march. As for his parents, they are both very popular. So, his father’s name is Bill Arriaga and his mother is Suzette Ariagga, as we said earlier. 

Furthermore, his parents are married for about 27 years now as of 2021. Jovian’s birthplace is the United States. Moreover, his birth sign is Pisces. There’s another great fact about jovian. According to people, he looks like his late aunt, the famous tex-mex singing icon, whose name is Selena Quintanilla. 

His School And Education

We don’t have much information about his schools or anything related to his primary schools. However, during his high school years, Jovian Arriaga was really famous for playing baseball. In fact, he was so pro at this that he played for the high school team for about four years and showed his exceptional skill at handling the game with very ease. Therefore, he got a lot of praise from his schoolmates as well as his teachers. 

Thereafter, the man with talent graduated from his high school back in May 2017. In fact, he got the honors from there. Furthermore, he joined and studied at the university of texas after high school. 

Resemblance To His Late Aunt

It’s really sad that Jovian Arriaga could never meet his famous and talented aunt. However, people do talk about the uncanny resemblance between the two, it’s as if, he has his late aunt’s smile on him. 

Moreover, Suzan wanted to preserve the huge legacy of her sister after her death. Therefore, she did everything she could and became very adept at drums and percussions. 

Moreover, she has become excellent as a vocalist, drummer, and percussionist. since she has borne such a legacy onto her shoulders, she hopes that one day, her son could also take some of the responsibility onto his shoulders as well. In other words, she hopes that one day, Jovan will take care of their family business. 

His Relationship Status

So let’s talk about his relationship status now. Well, fans might like to know that jovian is in a relationship. In fact, he is really happy leading his romantic life with his girlfriend Mallory smith. Did you know how the couple met? Well, they first met when they were in Texas. So, during their period at the texas A&M corpus christie islands, the duo met each other. 

Moreover, jovian likes to keep his personal life private from all the spotlight. Therefore, he doesn’t talk about his girlfriend much. In fact, he doesn’t even share their pictures on social media sites. However, readers might be curious, that Mallory smith, his girlfriend has no problem sharing their pictures on social media, Instagram, to be precise. 

Smith shared a picture of them visiting Las Vegas. It was on January 1st, 2020 that the duo visited Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation. So there she clicked a picture of them and posted it on social media. 

However, that was the last time the couple posted anything on social media. We don’t have any clue whether the couples are together or not. However, it seems unlikely that there’s any problem because none of them spoke anything about their breakups. Moreover, Jovan isn’t married yet. 

Jovan Arriaga Net Worth 2021

Jovan Arriaga net worth and salary: Jovan is a talented person who’s just beginning to explore the world of possibilities. Despite having the desire to take the family responsibilities in the future, he is focusing on a professional career. According to resources, Jovan has about a net worth of $1.5 million approx. 

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Final thoughts :

We don’t know what the future holds but Jovan Arriaga belongs to a pretty famous family. Therefore, he does have that fame on his shoulders. Currently, he is just focusing on his life. So, this was a biography of the son of Suzette.