TikTok – The Pros and Cons of the Social Media App on Youths

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TikTok is an extremely popular social media tool that helps youngsters to create interesting videos with special effects. The TikTok app is a home-based tool created by the Bamboo Curtain country. Teens and youngsters have many innovative ideas to create TikTok videos and crazy about this happening social media tool. It has resulted in social media addiction, a couple of challenges, but then, TikTok has its benefits, no doubt. 

According to an article published on Entrepreneur, TikTok is meant for viral videos, its home page similar to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The videos with high engagement rates move to the forefront consisting of the feed and users see a video at one time. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of TikTok on youths. 

The benefits 

Instant fame: These, all want to become famous instantly and TikTok helps you achieve just that. You can become popular on this platform in no time if you have some generic video creation skills. For example, if you can mimic people, you can create a video mimicking a famous celeb and become popular instantly. It does not mean that you need to have some special skills to create TikTok videos. If you sing well, you can create music videos for instant fame among your followers. 

You also do not need to use any special equipment for video creation; the app has everything you need. The video content on TikTok can build engagement and go viral quickly. This way, you can buy TikTok followers in no time!

Full entertainment: The greatest benefit of TikTok is full entertainment. You can use the tool to create a dance video, expand your following, and improve your creative skills. TikTok has a video community that is genuine, raw, and has no boundaries. The app is best for teens, especially kids who are 13 years old and more. 

The Drawbacks

Cause of annoyance: Though the app is meant for harmless fun and sheer entertainment, sometimes, the content becomes an annoyance to some people. Teens too dependent on this app often are addicted to TikTok videos affecting their personal life and academics. Too much addiction to the app has led to concerns among parents. Then, there is some adult content on TikTok that underage kids must not see and share. That is why parents and teachers should keep a tab on children using TikTok and ensure the default setting is private for safety. 

Time waste: The app wastes much of a teen’s time when he or she spends most of their time creating videos. Youngsters should use it for healthy entertainment for a limited time and not be glued to the app that affects their learning. Young teens can use it to understand complex topics and not waste their time creating meaningless videos full of profanity or offensive content. Addiction to social media is no good because it does not add any value to the life of youngsters. 


Youths should use TikTok for fun, healthy amusement, and learning purposes only. Viewing inappropriate content or using the app to bully others must not be encouraged at all. Youngsters need to use the app for harmless entertainment, and nothing more.

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