Have A Look At Julia Fox’s Husband Peter Artemiev’s Life: Are The Couple Facing Problems In Their Relationship?

Peter Artemiev

Celebrity spouses coming to the spotlight because of their partners is nothing unusual. So in this regard, we can talk about Peter Artemiev. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about the famous American celebrity spouse, professional pilot, and entrepreneur from Brighton Beach. You might probably know him best as the husband of Julia Fox. Needless to say, Julia is a famous Italian American actress and filmmaker. 

Julia has worked in many popular movies like Uncut Gems, and a few others. On the other hand, Artemiev is a pilot. However, according to Julia, her husband is not a good dad. We will find out more about the reasons in the latter part. So you can well understand that Peter Artemiev is pretty much a popular face now because of his celebrity wife. Let us share some more significant aspects of his life.

A Short Bio Of Peter Artemiev

Since you are reading his article, it is obvious that you are eager to more about Peter Artemiev’s life. Well, you are at the right place as we will share some of the interesting aspects of the celebrity spouse’s life. As we already said, Artemiev is a professional pilot. He served the position of a private pilot in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. He also took his training in New York. 

However, we know Peter mainly as the husband of actress Julia Fox. The couple married in November 2018. Even though Peter does not belong to the entertainment industry, he is a pretty experienced pilot. It is due to his wife that he has now become a popular face in this industry.

As far as his personal details are concerned, he does not reveal much about his life. Peter is probably 30-34 years old and is around two or three years older than Julia. In fact, his parents raised him in Brooklyn along with his siblings. Peter had always dreamt of becoming a pilot from his childhood days. So later on, he joined a reputed university to fulfill this dream. 

Peter is also an entrepreneur and investor. So he also engages in these activities apart from being a professional pilot. Moreover, Artemiev has also attended various award shows with his wife Julia.

When Did Peter Marry Julia?

Needless to say, Peter became a well-known face after his marriage to Julia Fox. There are no clear details regarding where the couple first met each other. However, they married each other in November 2018. 

In fact, in 2021, the pretty actress gave birth to their son Valentino. However, Julia claims that Peter is not a good dad and is quite irresponsible. In fact, she had uploaded a post claiming that Artemiev is a deadbeat dad. She also added that he is a drug-addicted person and people can often find him in clubs like Lucien, Paul’s Casablanca, and others. Moreover, Artemiev had once left her with her five-month-old child and a dog. However, according to Peter, these statements are entirely baseless and false. He has also refrained from making any comments on the matter. 

Is The Couple Living Together?

According to the sources, the couple is presently not living together. However, we do not know for sure if they have opted for divorce or separation as of now. Probably Julia is living in Yorkville, Manhattan along with her son. Many people have also seen Julia with the American rapper Kanye West. In fact, there are rumors of them dating each other.

But we do not know the current status of Peter Artemiev. There are chances he is busy with his professional life. He might also be dating someone, however, there is no concrete info.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Name Peter Artemiev
Real Name
Nick Name
private pilot
Birth Year 1987-1991
How old is? 30-34 years old (as of Aug 2022)
How tall is Sage
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) USA
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Net Worth $1-2 million USD (approx.)
Spouse Julia Fox

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Peter Artemiev is one of those celebrity spouses who have become a well-known face after their relationship with their celebrity partners. However, currently, Julia and Peter are not having a good time in their marriage. Probably they will opt for a divorce later on.

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