Vessel Sinks: Things You May Want To Know About Vitreous China Material

Vessel Sinks: Things You May Want To Know About Vitreous China Material

You may have many dreams about how your bathroom should look. It can be one of the reasons you plan to upgrade it to match it with your newly acquired taste or liking. But when you think of its elements, such as a sink, what image does your mind form?  It can most likely be a ceramic sink for its shine. You are not alone in this. Since it has been in existence for a long time in offices, businesses, and homes, your familiarity with it can drive you towards it unknowingly. But have you ever enquired if it is ceramic or something else? 

Often people mistake a vessel sink made of vitreous china for ceramic or porcelain for their physical affinity. Vitreous china is a regular feature comparatively as it can be long-lasting and timeless than others. You don’t have to bother about its wear and also tear even in a busy bathroom. Now, the question is – what is a vitreous china vessel sink? 

Exploring a vitreous china vessel sink

Vitreous stands for glassy. It is an enamel polish that manufacturers apply on ceramic surfaces after treating them to extreme heat. It helps the base to become dense, sturdy, and lustrous. There are various benefits attached to this type of vessel sink. Let’s check them out for a quick understanding.


Vessel sinks can be the trendy thing. But you would want it to last in your bathroom settings as long as you desire, and if it survives past your expectations, it is even better. For this, you have to make sure you invest in the right material. Vitreous china, in that sense, can come in handy. It can offer you the pleasures of seamless design and shine like any glass or porcelain sink with the addition of longevity. Some homeowners believe that it tends to be cost-effective too. 

Although it looks fragile, vitreous china can bear everyday heavy use without any complaints. The durable finish keeps it safe against bumps, discoloration, and buildups. Due to this, you don’t have to worry if a liquid or solid object suddenly drops in the sink. One of the factors that make it a common sight even in commercial spaces is this tolerance level. Hence, you can rest assured of it performing well in your home setup.

Easy maintenance

The flush and stain-resistant makeup make it withstand the daily grind. You can keep its shiny look always the same with one clean sweep of a soapy cloth. It works fine on this surface, and not as much as for finish like copper or cast iron. Whether you live in a large family or have small children, you can enjoy its luxurious presence without exerting.

Some homeowners believe that vitreous china’s resilience also allows you to install it before deciding on the faucet. If you choose a heavy material, you may have to take help from other resources to make the fit right. For instance, you can even have to look into your vanity and countertop to ensure these can support the weight. However, with vitreous china vessel sink, you may not have to worry so much about it.


Other sinks can also offer you excellent stain, dent, and scratch resistance. But you don’t get the classic shine of vitreous china in them; it is perfect for daily use and can maintain itself in the long run. Its inherent traditional charm can be an added value for your bathroom. And the best thing is, vessel sink in this surface can meet any interior demand.

Care and maintenance of vitreous china vessel sink

Vessels, one of the best kitchen sinks, can be straightforward designs with an inescapable charm added by the surface used in building them. In stores, you get the glass and solid surface also. But people choose vitreous china for its safe nature and ease of acclimatization. No matter what setting you create around it, a vitreous china vessel bowl in round, square, rectangular, and modern art shapes can mix and mingle with it to generate the desired effect. However, to make sure it continues to add value for an extended period, you may do a few things at your end. It will only be beneficial to you.

To be precise, you have to keep everything in your bathroom and overall house clean for your family’s well-being. Hence, it is easy to assume that you will want to keep your basin also in pristine condition. One of the things that can impact the surface most is the quality of the water. If you get a hard water supply, you may have to do a bit more to clean it. Otherwise, simple daily care with this material is more than enough to maintain its sparkle and freshness.

Just make sure you stay away from any harsh or abrasive cleaning solution. It can be risky for the china surface. The material can suffer irreparable scratches and damages. If stains are unyielding, you can use a gentle soapy solution and dip the soft towel. Wipe the sink with it multiple times unless you find them disappearing.

Sometimes, old spots developed due to maintenance neglect can refuse to remove. You can reserve the use of abrasive cleaners for those rare times only. And even though you apply it, you should not put it directly on vitreous china body. Add it to an adequate amount of water for dilution before application. Also, select a gentle abrasive solution to maintain the highest safety standards for your bowl.

Another thing is you need to stick to a soft cloth to wipe the surface. As soon as the stains go, you can rinse your basin with clean water and pat dry it with another soft cloth. It will be best if you could weave this practice into your daily habit.

Vitreous china vessel sinks can be attractive features for any style of bathroom. If you love details, you can search for something with internal or external patterns, such as straight-round lines or waves, respectively. Plus, the availability of different color choices is also icing on the cake.