Where Are The Best Seats On The Plane?

Best Seats On The Plane

Of course, the most comfortable way to travel is in Business Class or even better in First Class. However, most of us fly in economy class – in the tourist class or even wood class, as some say. Especially for longer flights, already from three or four hours, the right choice of seat plays a decisive role in how rested you reach your destination. We will tell you which seats you should choose or avoid.

Seat at the emergency exit – pros and cons

In general, travelers should consider the following things when choosing a seat: Although passengers have more legroom at the emergency exit, for example, the adjustment of the backrests is often limited in these places. Luggage cannot be stored under the seats there either.

Travelers who want to experience the flight as vibration-free as possible choose seats directly above the wings. The quietest are the rows up to the center of the wing, behind it the noise of the engines can be heard more strongly. Usually completely avoided is the last row of seats. There, the seat distance is often smaller than in the other rows and the backrests are not adjustable. The proximity to the toilet is helpful when going to the toilet in a hurry, but reinforced by the adjacent galley, it is the most restless and odorous place on the plane. In addition, many travelers often queue at the toilet. In these rows, complaints from passengers are also most common.

Middle seats are actually the most unpopular. Unless you travel together or you really want to speak out, then you have two seat neighbors for stimulating conversations, in configuration 3-4-3 the seats are usually referred to as A, B, C, then D, E, F, G and further H, J, K. I don’t exist because there could probably be slight confusion with J. So seats B, E, F and J are not the best choice.

Airbus A320: the first series is the best

Among insiders, places 1A and 1F are known as the best seats in Airbus A320 aircraft (airbus a320 seat map). Here there is more legroom, the best view from the window, which is not blocked by a wing and the chance to be served food and drinks first. Small drawback: This place is often perceived by passengers as drafty.

The best seats in the A380

Even for the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Superjumbo Airbus A380, the greatest legroom prevails in the first rows of the “partial cabins” of Economy Class. The seat configuration in this huge aircraft is 3-4-3. You don’t have a front man in front of you and, for example, with the A380 from Asiana Airlines 16 cm more legroom in the places in the middle. If you are a little taller, you can’t fully enjoy this legroom because you can’t stretch your legs. On the other hand, this is quite possible with normal economy Airplane Seats. However, for people over 185cm, the normal economy on long distances is an ordeal.

Sleeper’s Row

Safety during the flight is ensured by a special seat belt, which remains closed even when lying down, and a separate safety instruction.

Lufthansa offers Sleeper’s Row on long-haul flights from about eleven hours of flight duration, for example on routes to the Far East, to the west coast of the USA, to Central and South America or southern Africa.

Lufthansa tested Sleeper’s Row on the Frankfurt – São Paulo – Frankfurt route for several weeks at the end of last year. The offer received a lot of positive feedback from the passengers and was therefore in high demand.

For slightly larger people, three seat widths are not much. You can make yourself long on four seats. These are the middle rows. Those who sleep restlessly may be disturbed by fellow travelers who walk past the headboard. Maybe an upgrade to Premium Economy Class or Business Class is the better choice at check-in.

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