Gio Grace Levine is Baby Number Two, First Photos Shared

Gio Grace Levine
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Gio Grace Levine is the name of baby number two of the famous celebrity couple, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. They are now a family of four. Sources close to the family officially confirmed that the couple welcomed their second daughter on February 15, a girl named Gio Grace Levine.

Their first daughter, Dusty Rose Levine, turned one year old recently. Prinsloo, who is a famous model and has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since the year 2007, decided to mark the occasion by posting a picture of Grace’s little toes on Instagram. 

A Second Blessing

Now the pregnancy was long and not very easy, but both Prinsloo and Adam have been extremely honest about it. Prinsloo once posted a photo of her baby bump while posing with Dusty on Instagram. The caption beneath the photo spoke of how they are supposed to be kind to each other and start the new year on a much better footing.

She also mentioned that she could not wait to meet the newest addition to the family, referring to her second daughter. It is quite adorable, considering the fact that she prepared for her arrival since the beginning. 

Prinsloo even announced her pregnancy first on Instagram by posting a bikini photo where her bump showed in full glory. She opened up to People Magazine about how she felt immense love for her first daughter Dusty, and how that is going to happen all over again with Gio. She also spoke candidly about how she felt about the whole affair. Falling in love with Adam was a blissful affair, and she once thought there would be a no greater love than this. But then she had Dusty and felt a love she had never thought possible. Sigh.

A Second Blessing
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A Time for Family

Prinsloo continued that people may think there is some kind of a limit to love, but it is actually not so. Love is a very subjective concept and may happen more than once to people. Now, it may refer to romantic relationships as well as something pure for a precious thing. Like a child. What matters, in the end, is preserving those pure feelings so that one may keep feeling them again and again. For their daughter Gio Grace Levine, we assume that the celebrity couple is going to spend a lot of time spoiling her as she grows up. It is only natural. 

A Time for Family

Adam and Prinsloo had a little bit of trouble last year following allegations of cheating on the Maroon 5 frontman. According to rumors, Adam had conversed in a rather flirtatious manner with another woman on multiple occasions. When reporters asked Adam about this whole affair he took some time to answer in a rather mature way. He responded that he had indeed made a huge mistake by talking to someone other than his wife in a rather flirtatious manner. It was a mistake indeed, and he had crossed a line. He took full responsibility for the entire thing. 

Right now, he also mentioned that taking care of his family was the most important task at hand for him. Adam has indeed taken proactive steps to remedy this unfortunate incident and will take care not to be this naive and stupid ever again. They are a family and will get through it one way or the other. Right now, this indeed is the need of the hour. 


1. Who is Behati Prinsloo Gio Grace Levine?

Behati Prinsloo is the mother of Gio Grace Levine. 

2. What is the age of Gio Grace Levine?

Gio Grace Levine is 8 years old.

3. Are Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine together?

Yes they are still together. 

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