Some Really Mind Blowing James Bond Theories to Consider

James Bond Theories

From the first film, Dr. No, to the latest installment, No Time To Die, James Bond has familiarized us with a specific formula. It all begins with an exciting opening sequence, followed by the introduction of new gadgets and cars. We encounter stunning women, some harmless while others dangerous, and witness a thrilling confrontation with a sinister villain. Bond embarks on international journeys, overpowering formidable henchmen along the way, and engaging in amusing encounters with MI6 regulars. And, of course, there’s always time for a few shaken cocktails. Also, it is time to take a look at some of the best James Bond theories in existence. 

1. Codename: James Bond

According to this theory, “James Bond” is a secret identity (like “M”) that different agents assume over time. Each actor’s portrayal of Bond is unique because they are taking on the role and name of Bond when they become Agent 007.

This fan theory helps explain the inconsistencies in the franchise. It clarifies how Bond can exist across different eras and work with various MI6 colleagues. However, there is one major flaw in the theory: Roger Moore’s Bond visits the grave of George Lazenby’s Bond’s wife, Tracy, as if she were his own wife.

Ian Fleming is James Bond

2. Ian Fleming is James Bond

Some people believe that James Bond is influenced by Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels. This observation is based on similarities between Fleming and the character of Bond.

Fleming was known for his frequent travels, especially to Jamaica. He was also a former naval officer, enjoyed gambling, and had scandalous love affairs.

Interestingly, Fleming himself claimed that Bond was inspired by people he encountered while working in Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division. This included his own brother Peter and various agents and spies who contributed to the creation of Bond.

3. Sean Connery is the Father of Daniel Craig’s Bond

Some fans speculate that Sean Connery’s Bond is the father of Daniel Craig’s Bond, based on the similarities between their characters. Connery, who is from Scotland, and Craig’s Bond, in the film Skyfall, both have connections to Scotland. They even share a preference for the same Aston Martin car, the DB5.

According to this theory, which aligns with the Codename Theory, Connery’s Bond was the first agent to take on the codename “James Bond,” but his real name was Andrew Bond. It suggests that after retiring to Skyfall, Andrew Bond fathered Daniel Craig’s Bond and named him “James” after his own MI6 persona.

James Bond cannot Read

4. James Bond cannot Read

An absolutely baseless and ignorant theory, but one that has some traction among fans. Some fans suggest that James Bond may be portrayed as illiterate in the movies. They point out that Bond receives mission briefings verbally or through images, and he is never shown reading books. Unlike Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, who is seen reading a magazine, Daniel Craig’s Bond rarely engages with written materials.

Even in situations where Bond needs instructions, such as using a defibrillator in Casino Royale, he relies on assistance from MI6 rather than reading the device’s manual.

While there is no concrete evidence to support this theory and it may simply be due to cinematic choices, it has been discussed among fans.

5. Raoul Silva is Also James Bond

Some fans speculate that Raoul Silva, the villain in Skyfall, could have been a previous James Bond, specifically the one portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. This theory is based on Silva’s backstory as a former MI6 agent betrayed by M and handed over to China. In Skyfall, M mentions her involvement with Silva in the ’80s and ’90s, which coincides with the timeframe of the Brosnan era. Additionally, their close relationship sets Silva apart from other agents who work with M. Considering Silva’s obsession with Bond, these elements suggest that there may be more to his character than meets the eye.

Raoul Silva is Also James Bond

6. James Bond and Time Travel

This salary has its roots straight in science fiction. Do you know what a Timelord is? A science fiction being from the Doctor Who franchise. He can regenerate and inhabit new bodies. Now we understand this concept might seem a bit tacky. Afterall, James Bond is very much a character of this world. Also, science fiction doesn’t quite begin to cut it. 

According to this fan theory, British intelligence agents, including James Bond, have long been aware of the existence of timelords. This explanation could be the reason why they are unfazed by their presence. Another aspect of this theory suggests that Bond himself is a supernatural time-hopper, which would explain how he has maintained the same age for decades. While the connection to Doctor Who may not be convincing to everyone, this theory offers a unique perspective on Bond’s longevity.

7. John Mason is another James Bond

According to this theory, the character John Mason from The Rock, played by Connery, is actually the same person as the Connery Bond. In this theory, after serving as James Bond, the character continues his life as John Mason, an ex-MI6 agent imprisoned by the U.S. for espionage. The Navy SEALS then call Mason to help in a perilous mission. You must remember one thing. All these theories hinge upon Bond being a codename, not an actual person. Also, Mason being a Bond is one of the most exciting things ever. Perhaps they should make an entire series about it. 

John Mason is another James Bond

8. Illuminati and James Bond

Some people believe that Bond films contain hidden messages from the Illuminati, a secret society. They interpret the references to gold and pyramids in the titles and scenes as symbols of the Illuminati’s power and influence. For example, the use of golden bullets in The Man With The Golden Gun may be a representation of the deadly control exerted by the global financial system. The appearance of pyramids in films like The Spy Who Loved Me is believed to be a subtle reminder of the Illuminati’s presence. While this theory may sound crazy, it intrigues those who enjoy searching for hidden symbols and meanings.

9. The Holmes Connection

So finally, we come to dear old Sherlock as a MI6 agent. The consulting detective is famous in British circles for his prowess at solving crimes. However, we also know that his brother works for MI5. Thus, the logical question is why shouldn’t Holmes be part of an intelligence service too? According to this fan theory, he is. 

Holmes is yet another James Bond who retired from active duty. Now he serves as a private detective. Also, he frequently assists his brother Mycroft in solving crimes of national importance. 

10. A Doomed Spy

James Bond is a doomed spy. This means the agency sends him on absolutely doomed missions. In the meantime, other MI6 agents use it as a distraction to solve other cases. However, Bond has enough skills to survive. This is actually a really good theory. If worked properly, it can also serve as a spin-off on its own. Because Bond is so famous, villains don’t notice the other spies working covertly behind the scenes. Let us see if the production house uses it as a viable theme. 

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