Jack Virgin River Says The Best Is Yet To Come

Jack Virgin River

Jack Virgin River assures us the best is yet to come. Martin Henderson, who plays the charming and humble Jack Sheridan, finished filming the first two scenes of season 5 recently. But he has high hopes for the season.

Henderson is rather awed by the fact that his show has five seasons, and the fifth season is now working. It fills him with great doubt and tension for the future, but he is also optimistic at the same time. If this is what sets the standards for the rest of the season, then we have no doubts regarding his claims of the best yet to come. 

FAQs Jack Virgin River

Sheridan is a military vet who now runs a bar. His portrayal is extremely humorous and humble at the same time, a reason why he is one of the fans favorite characters of the show. There is also an element of vulnerability in him too. Jack suffers from PTSD from his military days and tries to bury the past with his active engagement in affairs around him.

Perhaps finding his peace again with Mel will finally provide him with some much-needed solace. Things have definitely heated up in the fifth season, though, and we need to binge-watch it to find out what exactly happened. 

A Tough Man

Now, we know Henderson is simply being witty in real life when he says the best is yet to come. However, if you have seen his performance in the fourth season, you will know the man does not just do much. Sheridan’s personal and professional life is fast crumbling down all around him. He is struggling to keep it all together. The sword of financial debt hangs over his head like the sword of Damocles, two unborn children with an ex-girlfriend are left in the air as a dark promise. 

Furthermore, he also has to raise a child with the love of his life even though he does not know if she is really pregnant with his child. Furthermore, PTSD is very much real and afflicts him still. And this is just the beginning if you consider his tremendous guilt over his brother dying as a child. There is also a need to be a hero to the rest of the community. That, we guess, gives him some semblance of peace. It is a damn miracle the man is still alive and breathing. 

A Tough Man Jack Virgin River
Credit: netflix

Rough Road Ahead

And just as we were starting to think there could not be a worse ending for a season, Sheridan’s ex tells him he is not the father of his twins. Jack is dealing with way too much in season 5. Dure, we would love to see what he does and where the show goes from here, but according to us, there are going to be more shocking revelations along the way. So far, 8 episodes have been released, with four more along the way. We cannot wait till they all drop so we can douse the fire in our hearts once and for all. 

Virgin River is an American romantic drama series based on the eponymous series of novels by Robyn Carr. The series deals with a woman called Melinda Monroe, who travels to the Northern Californian town of Virgin River to answer the ad for a midwife and nurse practitioner. What happens after that forms the basis of the plot. It is enjoyable and emotional. 


1. Who is Jack Virgin River actor?

Martin Henderson plays Jack Sheridan in Virgin River. 

2. Are Mel and Jack Virgin River together?

Yes they are in a relationship in the show.

3. Who shot Jack Virgin River?

Vince shot Jack in Virgin River. 

4. Who stabbed Jack Virgin River?

Nobody stabbed Jack in Virgin River. 

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