Amazing Perks of Owning Lori Wall Beds

Lori Wall Beds

One may suppose that the concept of the Murphy bed (often referred to as a wall bed) came from the man who gave the bed its name, William Murphy. However, this is no longer the case because even though Murphy’s folding bed design first gained popularity in the early 1900s, collapsible wall beds had been existing in various versions for a few decades before that. Over the years, they’ve gone a long way in terms of design, safety, and overall functionality. Wall beds that save space are very beneficial in apartments and other tiny living areas and if you are thinking about getting one for your room, Lori wall beds offer the best Murphy beds there are.

If you are still unsure if getting Lori wall beds is a good idea, here are eight wonderful advantages that customized Lori wall beds may provide to your house. 

Perk #1 – You can save a significant amount of space when you install a Lori wall bed

Wall beds are vital in micro-condos and compact flats due to the fact that they take up very little floor space. Even in larger living spaces, a space-saving wall bed unit may be a very practical addition to the room’s furnishings.

So, whenever you are not using your Lori wall bed, as this only takes the empty vertical space on one of your surfaces, you will have more space available as compared to having regular beds.

Whenever you or your houseguests are ready to rest for the night, just take the bed out of the wall where it is mounted. When you get up in the morning, you can quickly fold the bed down to free up a large amount of floor space.

Perk #2 – Lori wall beds have the highest-quality wall bed that can be found on the market.

A generic word is a term that is often used to refer to a certain type of good, for instance, phrases like “kleenex,” “zipper,” “thermos,” and “aspirin” are commonly used to describe comparable items that do not necessarily display the trademarked names of the companies that created them and there have been solid reasons why things like this occur.

The Lori wall bed is no exception to this rule and while there are many other brands of wall beds available, this unusual piece of integrated furniture is most frequently referred to as a “Murphy bed” because of the way it is built into the wall, which is why it has consistently been an industry leader for so many years. 

Lori wall beds have been selling authentic Murphy beds that are of great quality. A Murphy bed is the most comfortable modern wall bed you’ll ever sleep in, and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the bed’s hardware as well as robust construction.

Perk #3 – Take advantage of the safety and convenience that a wall bed provides.

The ease with which a wall bed may be opened and closed may be of interest to you. Our Murphy beds are constructed with an ingenious spring mechanism that makes it extremely simple to open and close the bed and furthermore, these wall beds are quite safe to use.

Perk #4 – A Lori wall bed is not only space-saving but is also as comfortable as those regular beds

Getting a wall bed is no mistake because having a space-saving wall bed has a premium coil cushion that is every bit as pleasant as resting in a regular bed.

Your houseguests will undoubtedly enjoy the wonderful sleep they’ll have while sleeping on this mattress. Using an air mattress, a roll-away cot or a pull-out couch bed just doesn’t cut it in this situation.

If you want to experience these wall beds first hand, you can always visit the showroom of Lori wall beds or visit their website for more details. 

Perk #5 – Personalize your wall bed to meet your specific requirements.

Our designers may create a wall bed that is tailored to your preferences and requirements, for as by integrating a pull-out nightstand. Some of the additional custom settings that are available include the following:

  • Wall beds in single, double, and queen sizes are offered.
  • The wall bed can be constructed as stand-alone furniture, or it can be a component of the whole customized cabinetry system.
  • a variety of wood finishes from which to pick
  • a variety of open and closed storage solutions (such as shelves or integrating pillow storage) are available.

Perk #6 – Your home’s design will be enhanced by the addition of a Murphy bed.

Due to the tremendous degree of personalization available with a Murphy bed, our designers will be able to construct a unit that compliments your home’s décor regardless of whether the bed is closed or open.

A wall bed can be constructed to fold up into a nicely made cabinet unit that functions as a desk during the day.

Perk #7 – Using Lori wall beds can also be of many purposes when placed in your room

With a wall bed, almost any room in your house can instantly be transformed into a multi-purpose guest room that has a space-saving wall bed, thereby increasing the adaptability of the room significantly. A wall bed, for instance, may effortlessly transform your home office into a comfortable guest bedroom for overnight guests.

Perk #8 – Even if you decide to relocate, wall beds continue to provide value.

Even if you decide to relocate, wall beds will continue to add value to your home, there are services that can help deconstruct your wall bed and transfer it to your new home, where they will then reconstruct it for you.

For those who choose to leave the wall bed behind when they relocate, the value of that bed may contribute to the resale value of their home, condominium, or apartment, so make no further delays when it comes to making the most of the available space in your home.

Request your free in-home consultation now, and one of our design professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding wall beds, including where they would be most effective in your house.

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