Is it Really Important to ‘Dress Your Age’?

dressing your age

There was once a time where ‘age-appropriate dress’ was a real and pressing concern for people. Differences between generations were much starker, and the expectations of older folks led to a serious stratification of style between ages. But is that still true today? 

In a nutshell: this author thinks not! Age is but a number, and you are as old as you feel. Even so, certain decades of your life might bring you to certain experiences or stages of your life, with which a guiding sartorial hand could help a little. With this in mind, here are some simple suggestions for how to approach ‘dressing your age’ in the modern age, by decade…

Dressing for Your 20s

Your 20s are your decade for experimentation. These years are your socialite years, whether playing hard around university study or rewarding yourself for a tough week carving out a name for yourself in your chosen career. This is a time for taking risks and serving looks; don’t be afraid to clash inspirations together for eclectic looks. Doing this can also lead you towards discovering your favourite kinds of clothes!

Dressing for Your 30s

According to a survey conducted by women’s trousers retailer Damart, one in five UK adults believe that we look the most stylish in our thirties – specifically, between 35 and 40. A combination of better financial liquidity and the honing of our fashion sensibilities could well be the culprits – though the same survey revealed that nearly a third of respondents believed style was ageless.

dressing your age

With the above in mind, the best piece of advice for dressing in your 30s is to trust your gut. You may find yourself drawn to statement pieces and item combinations. Try them out! See what works for you first, then shop them in public. Chances are, you’re right on the money. If you’re struggling for inspiration, though, dare to be daring – strong, bold colours and sharp lines can go a long way to showing confidence.

Dressing for Your 40s

In your 40s, you might expect to be fairly advanced in your chosen career path, giving you the freedom to take more liberties with your professional looks. You’ll also be intimately familiar with your own tastes at this point, meaning you’ll be most at ease with your chosen outfits whatever they may be. One simple tip, though: try not to worry about the latest fashion trends. Instead, seek out timeless combinations and rise above fashion’s race to the bottom.

Ultimately, though, the suggestions relayed above rely not on your age, but on the shape your life is likely to have taken at that age. ‘Age-appropriate dress’ is a meaningless and outdated thought; instead of dressing for an immaterial number that looks different on each and every person, dress for the things that do matter: personal taste, occasion and comfort. It couldn’t be simpler!