Top Startups Who Have Perfected Video Marketing in 2020 (USA)

Video Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing has always been a major and wide-area with respect to the social connection between people, institutions, groups, and communities. Therefore, when it comes straight to digital marketing, then it has been an important factor for brands and organizations to entertain the audience in a large spectrum along with educating and informing about the facts and figures.

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In order to send a refined, relatable, and proper message through digital marketing, the core best method has been video marketing because simply there has been nothing better than that. Brands and companies have understood the importance of storing pictures and videos in the storage which can eventually entertain the audience significantly. They have also understood that to keep the audience engulfed, what they need is only a 30-second-long video.

Video Marketing

According to the statistics of video marketing which was conducted in 2020, it was found that 65% of web users are primarily visual learners. That is why if the brands and organizations focus on the target audience then providing their needs via visual products and catalogues is an enhancing process.

As per another statistic derived by Cisco, within 2022, video content will absorb more than 82% of the internet traffic. There is no indication of the trend to be sloping down which portrays the constant evolution of video marketing. The users are watching short and long videos more than ever before. Startups and other key organizations have incorporated video marketing in their social media campaigns, content marketing mediums, and advertisement schedules.

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It is important to mention that video marketing has increased and enhanced customer management, brand awareness, and social conversations in various content mediums. But, it has also been seen that business growth and development hasn’t reached a good height through video marketing.

That is why to avoid these circumstances the startups and organizations are looking for various video marketing agencies who will provide quality content and most importantly bring effective results as an alternative solution.

Henceforth, we will now numerically look at the various startups who have perfected video marketing in 2020.

1. TripActions – 


Founded in the year 2015, TripActions has been considered as one of the best amongst the US startups in the year 2019. It is based on Palo Alto of California. The loud travel section of the organization dominated the corporate travel management domain and similarly, the technological domain of the startup was paired with the best of global class travel.

TripActions functions with the ambition of providing the employee with the best travel experience which will also remain cost-efficient as much as possible. The marketing side of TripActions is also incredible and recently they have started Instagram marketing which has really become attractive and engaging to the customers and viewers.

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They have also significantly indulged the usage of video marketing by putting amazing videos of Paris and various short montages of different locations of the world which have not only collected appreciation but also initiated moment marketing.

2. Bird – 

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Established in the year 2017, Bird is a Scooter Company which sells modern ways of commuting from one place to another place. Based in Santa Monica of California, the company aims to reduce vehicle usage and carbon emissions. Along with that, the other mission of the company is to make the surroundings environmentally conscious along with making it cost-efficient.

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Bird is utilizing video marketing strategy extensively through customer testimonials, funny GIFs, and short but crispy advertisement videos. Bird is also crucially using its Instagram page which is mostly filled with entertaining content for the viewers. Simultaneously, the Instagram page of Bird has also been promotional and educational.

Their video marketing domain has been able to witness success through aesthetic pictures, pleasant and soothing videos. Their content has also remained very popular due to the engagement updated version.

3. Glossier – 

Glossier targeted themselves firstly as a beauty blog but later on, they turned out to be a reselling campaign. Based in New York, Glossier primarily specializes in selling cosmetics, beauty products, wellness products, and other valuable properties to women all around the world.

Due to the intensive video marketing strategy, the organization has reached the top place in the selective domain. Their services especially cater to the needs of the young women by glorifying aesthetics oriented products, sober and cool colour patches. Their other cosmetic properties are also fun-loving and spiritual which has significantly attracted young women.

The video contents of Glossier are inclusive of IGTV tutorials by eminent bloggers along with promotional new product videos. They have also made short videos of their customers sharing feedback or using the product itself.

However, through all of these efforts, they have received a very gentle and humanly followership from the viewers.

4. DoorDash – 

doordash company.png

Established in the year 2013 and based in San Francisco, DoorDash declares itself to be a technological brand as well as a fortune organization whose mission is to close the gap between the consumers who are searching extensively for the products or services derived from the local brands.

Their brand is a significant one who indulges in social change as well as is quite motivated in providing diversity, value, resources, and inclusion. That is why their motto has very well vibrated with the young population.

Their branding sense is definitely aesthetical and relatable being relevant to the topic which has engulfed many urban populations. Their videos primarily comprise of the procedure towards mindful and healthy eating habits along with the steps towards proclaiming diets.

They haven’t much indulged in individuality thus they remained quite free in absorbing from the other organizations who speak about a similar cause. Thus their social media pages are occupied with reposted and fund videos. That is why more and more people are drawn towards their social media handles where they only receive good and easy instructions to follow through.

5. Dosist – 


Founded in 2016, and based in LA of California, Dosist declares themselves as a disruptor of the socio healthcare industry who has caused a various interruption in the basic standard procedure of healthcare operations. They have believed in plant-based health and wellness solutions as well as offered the provision of the same.

They have initiated and engaged particularly in dost controlled cannabis therapy where they opine that mild, smooth, and effective dosage of cannabis can help any patient or normal person with good stress-free sleep. They have also announced that a proper dosage of cannabis can also gift the patient with a calm, relieved, and hindrance free sensual orgasmic feeling.

They have also stayed at per with their video creating and marketing strategy where they have highlighted the benefits and advantages of their products and services. Apart from that, they have also proclaimed a healthy lifestyle for their viewers.

The best positive side of their videos is that they are mostly minimalistic and holds a special aesthetic space in the minds of the viewers. They have chosen aesthetics and brand value as their promotional scheme.

Their social media channels are also equipped with short and crispy videos of new products where they deliver important messages in the form of text. Gradually they have become able to reach towards a majority with their growing sense and customization of products.

So from the above-mentioned clarifications, we have understood that maximum startups have started adopting video marketing, where they have come up with brand new visual experiences for the customers and viewers and widened their attention spans.

The majority of the audience has found that videos and text speeches are worthy, important, and attractive at the same time. The videos have become convenient, interactive, and extremely engaging which has showered the audience with a quite unique experience.

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