A Step By Step Guide to Securing A NYS STEM Scholarship

NYS STEM Scholarship

If you’re interested in applying for the STEM scholarship offered by New York State, understand that specific guidelines dictate whether you can apply. For example, your school district must note that you are within the top 10% of your class. Even with this qualification, it is possible that you may not qualify beyond the initial requirements for scholarship eligibility. 

It is essential to look into the detailed requirements pertaining to every scholarship you’re considering. Although grades are undoubtedly a critical aspect of securing your spot, there are many other factors that you may not have complete control over. It is important to become informed of these factors, so you know whether the scholarship is a real possibility for you.  

While all scholarships have requirements, some are more particular than others. If you are interested in receiving this scholarship, take every step to secure your position as a qualified applicant. Although you may not have the final say in your eligibility, you can take measures to present yourself well. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to securing an NYS STEM scholarship; stay informed and read up on the information to get started. 

Beyond graduating within the top 10% of your NYS high school class, the NYS STEM scholarship requires that you:  

  • Attend a SUNY school or CUNY school
  • Live in NYS as a resident
  • Attend a university program that is in line with the STEM requirements for two or four years 
  • Keep a 2.5 average 
  • Earn your degree from one of the STEM programs 
  • Secure employment within New York State under a STEM-approved career 
  • Work within your approved career for the first five years after graduation
  • Accept NYS STEM Scholarship Terms 

Your scholarship may revert to a loan if you begin working in a career that is not STEM-approved. This may occur if you move out of state before completing your service requirements. While the scholarship may help you financially, you are also obligated to follow through on your commitment to your NYS service requirements. 

If this obligation is not something you can maintain, you might consider alternative scholarships to a NYS STEM scholarship. Moreover, should you change your major to one that is not STEM-approved, you may be denied scholarship eligibility. 

  • Know What The Scholarship Covers

Your application confirms your interest in receiving resident tuition as an undergrad. Your school will verify your eligibility at the end of every term. If you fail to meet the 2.5 GPA, this can also turn your scholarship funds into a loan. The loan obligations take place immediately should you fail to obtain NYS STEM scholarship eligibility at any point during your college career.

Consider All Of Your Options 

For eligible students looking for affordable tuition, the NYS STEM scholarship may be the gateway to school and securing job opportunities that kickstart your career. If you want more flexibility to explore other options in school, you may find other scholarships to be more in alignment with your goals.