What Are The Star Interview Questions And How To Prepare For Them?

Star Interview Questions

Today more and more workplaces are planning to do their interviews virtually. Half of the recruiting process is happening through zoom or other video conference platforms. But do you know what is helping interviewers to select the right candidate through virtual means? They ask behavioral interview questions. As the potential candidate for the job, how can you respond to these questions? 

You can do this with the method known as STAR interview questions. The STAR interview question response method works all the time. Interested to know about this method? 

Have a look at details about STAR interview questions and also how to prepare for it. 

What is the Star Interview Questions method? 

The STAR interview question is a structured method used to answer behavioural interview questions. It is a set of different responses specifically designed to give appropriate answers to the interviewers to ace the interview. So from the response, the hiring managers can find out what they need to know about the candidates. Some of the benefits of the STAR method are the following. 

  • Showcase your skills 

If you use the Star interview method, you can showcase your skills to the interviewer. Therefore they can consider you as the right candidate for the job. You can share the skills you acquired to do the job and how you used that in your previous job. Also, provide the interviewer with the right insights so the interviewers can know how you can fit into their organization. 

  • To give appropriate responses

During the interview sometimes you can go off-topic and may not give the right answers to the interviewer. You may not be able to give the right impression. So to prevent this you can use the STAR interview method. This will enable you to only give the right responses to the questions. 

  • Have good control 

You can have good control of yourself and the interview with the STAR method. You can effectively focus on your strengths and take advantage of the opportunity. 

What does the STAR stand for? 

The STAR stands for the following words. 

  • S – The ‘S’ in the STAR questions for the interview stands for the situation. You have to relate a situation that is appropriate to the behavioural question to respond to it. Ensure that you end the situation on a positive note. Describe the situation using the right words and tie it to the question. Also, add any obstacles you experienced when completing the job.  
  • T – It stands for Task or Target. You can share the role you played in that situation. For instance, you can talk about your goals, target or situation that you handled to complete the job. 
  • A – It stands for Action. Relate the actions you did to complete the job in the situation. Share precisely about the plans and their execution. You can describe the process, the technical skills you used, the practical knowledge you applied and more.
  • R – The ‘R’ stands for the result. You can end your interview response with specific or quantifiable results. Share about the impact your actions and role had on that situation. You can also say what you learned from the overall experience like how did your skills or qualities improve. 

What type of questions you can answer with the STAR method? 

There are some common questions asked during the interview process and you can use the STAR method to respond to them. It is mostly beneficial for answering behavioural interview questions. Here are some examples of questions you can answer with the STAR interview response method. 

Some of the typical interview questions are –

  1. Share an anecdote that explains your current goals in your career. 
  2. Share your strengths and weaknesses with some examples. 
  3. How do your co-workers describe your work style? Relate a story? 

How to prepare for interviews with the STAR method? 

If you want to succeed at your interviews, you can use the STAR method. Don’t memorize all your responses because only when you are natural and genuine you can ace the interview. But here are some tips for preparing some responses that will help you to respond correctly. 

  • Craft some potential questions

There are some common questions that all interviewers and hiring managers may ask every interviewee. So you can prepare some responses to these questions. To find out the potential questions go through the job ads and descriptions. Now think of appropriate responses and answer the questions. 

  • Write down the suitable responses 

If you have planned the suitable response, write it down so you can check if it is good or not. Check if it is concise, clear and answers the question. 

  • Practice the responses out loud 

Now you can read the response and say it aloud. Only when you say it out loud you can practice the response properly. 

Final thoughts 

These are the STAR interview questions method which will help you to pass an interview. Impress your interviewers with the perfect responses. 

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