Who Is Momo Actually From The Momo Challenge? Here’s Everything About Momo Image

Momo Image

Did you hear about the Momo Challenge that terrorized parents’ minds in the year 2019? We are all slightly creeped out by the Momo image that pops up when we look for its history. But you will be surprised to know that the momo image has nothing to do with the Momo challenge. In fact, we hear that someone took the picture from a Japanese special effects company’s statue.

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What is the Momo Challenge?

The Momo Challenge, as we know, is a malicious internet challenge that spreads through social media platforms and other outlets. Meanwhile, we have read that children have been victims of Internet challenges like the Blue Whale challenge.  As per our sources, the Momo trend includes dangerous games that lure teens into performing. Like self-harm, dangerous stunts, and even suicide that chills our spine. However, we hear that a few were playing the actual reports of such games.

The challenge became a worldwide terror after 2018 when an Indonesian newspaper published the death of a girl victim. Netizens made us alert about the trend via news and social media. Meanwhile, the Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a public awareness on Facebook. 

In addition, we also read about the tweets and Instagram posts of other public figures, warning the people. We have all seen the frightening momo image associated with the challenge. We see that the netizens have spread the challenge to countries like India, The USA, Canada, the UK, Pakistan, Germany, Thailand, France, etc.

All about the Momo image

We haven’t actually watched any such dangerous challenges on Youtube children’s videos. However, when we browse the web, the creepy-looking image still haunts the internet. But what is the momo image all about? We will give you every piece of news. The sculpture is of a Mother Bird with bulging eyes and a beak. It was sculpted by Keisuke Aisawa, as we hear. If you read about the man, you will know that he is the mastermind behind many creations. Firstly, the first love doll he made in silicon, and secondly, the artificial skin for humanoid robots we see.

Many of us might have seen the full momo image in the form of a bird with a human bosom. In addition, we see it displayed perched in the Between Mirrors Exhibition at Vanilla Gallery in Japan. The idea, however, did not bode well with the world as we know it. In fact, as per the sources, someone took the picture from Instagram and used it to create Momo. 

Furthermore, we know that Aisawa created the sculpture under Link Factory, a Japanese Special Effects Company. Aisawa mostly creates these models for shows, events, and movies. As per our sources, the maker of the momo image and the Company have nothing to do with the internet hoax.

People’s reactions all over the world

We can imagine the widespread panic of the parents at the news of another challenge. However, we also know that the number of deaths that the media reported is minimal. In fact, YouTube had said they have “not received any links to videos showing or promoting the Momo challenge on YouTube.” 

Besides, some people have expressed their disappointment at the illegal use of the momo image. “I feel so bad for the person that made it. It’s honestly an awesome piece, but much FUD going on around the internet. I don’t know who made it, but my heart goes out to them…I hope they don’t feel responsible or bad for the bullshit stories going around.”

Ending note:

These social media challenges have increased over the years. We see that people’s addiction to the ‘show off’ trend increases with the passing days. We suggest you be wise and think about your future before indulging in life-risking challenges.