The Top Business Security Trends For 2022 And Beyond

Business Security Trends

As the world of business changes and the manner in which we use office spaces adapts to these changes, there have been some noticeable improvements and adaptations in business security. The rise of smart and remote-controlled security measures for offices that are more flexible than ever before has become both necessary and essential. Necessary to ensure that those in offices are safe and secure, and essential to ensure that business cyber security is implemented at the highest levels possible. The following tips and trends are those that have taken off in the new normal way of business working and must be taken seriously to protect the business and its employees.

Smart doorbells

Doorbells that are connected to an app on a smart mobile device or laptop and allow for remote access control have made significant changes to the manner in which office entry can be secured and regulated. Not only can you now see who’s at the door, but there can be a recording taken and even a specific, response or recording played for specific guests who are expected to arrive. Modern facial recognition and improved artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible to allow these processes to be automated and efficiently run on a 24hr basis. There is now no longer a need for access via security personnel and the smart doorbell is the norm for many progressive businesses.

Biometric entry

Whether retina/eyeball recognition or fingerprint-controlled entry, these biometric forms of access control are now the norm for many office entry systems, limiting the number of human contacts, but making for a much more precise and specific entry protocol. Identity badges can be borrowed, lost and then re-used by criminal elements. The same cannot be easily achieved using biometric means.

Camera monitoring

Camera security monitoring for both access and to proactively monitor ongoing security developments is one of the most popular means of securing your business premises. There have been advances in real-time monitoring and many businesses have gone more proactive with the inclusion of speakers and deterrents included with camera monitoring. A great example is Mosquito Loitering Solutions who have pre-eminent deterrent solutions for businesses and homes alike. No longer are owners prepared to simply watch the crimes unfold (or wait for back up), they are able to proactively attempt to deter the crime.

Cyber security

Cyber security has become mainstream in that it is at the heart of most business security systems. Smart security systems are dependent on the internet and are a prime example of how important the cloud and internet computing now are for business. It is thus critical to have your cyber security at the center of any security measures that are put into place for the business.

Business security is now able to largely be integrated and controlled online and in the cloud. However, there are still the physical aspects of security and office and business safety that you must be aware of. The trends in this article clearly show what a modern business needs to be considering in terms of their security.