How to Increase the Value of Your Northern Beaches Home

Northern Beaches Home

The Northern Beaches is a coastal region within Northern Sydney, spanning a staggering 40 kilometres. It starts at Manly and curves all the way up to famous Palm Beach. Almost an hour’s drive from the central business district, it gives a laid back vibe, which is a stark contrast to its bustling cousin in the east. 

Aside from attracting tourists and surfers from all over the country, the picturesque district is ideal for families who want to settle down. It offers many employment opportunities in communications technology, financial services, and creative industries. It also has many suburbs and localities providing many options for real estate in the Northern Beaches Home area

If you live in the Northern Beaches, then you understand the importance of your property’s value. Your house is not just a place to live in, but a means to build wealth through home equity. Here are some things that smart homeowners do to increase the value of their property.

Make Your Home More Attractive Outside

Improving the look of your home from the street is one of the fastest ways to increase its value. While this effort may seem superficial, it is nonetheless effective. It is similar to the packaging of any product you find on the shelf. If the packaging does not look good or is worn out, it greatly diminishes a potential buyer’s interest.

A simple repainting job is one of the most cost-efficient home improvement projects. It can give you much return on your investment, especially if you take on the project yourself. Still, having your house professionally painted adds a lot of value despite the added cost. 

If your yard is becoming an eyesore in your neighborhood, or you want it to stand out among other real estate Northern Beaches has to offer, you can invest in landscaping services. Make sure your lawn is well-maintained at the very least.  

Beautiful on the Inside

Once you have touched up your home’s exterior, it is time to focus on its interior. Your curb appeal will reel potential buyers in, but it is your home’s inner beauty that will ultimately sway them.

If you wish to boost the value of your home, investing in your kitchen and bathroom will give you the most value. These are the two parts of the house that most people first look at. You can recoup 81% of your investment in a modest kitchen renovation. On the other hand, a mid range bathroom remodel will earn you back 70% of your expenses from the increased overall value of your property.    

Make Your Home Easy to Maintain

Some buyers do not want a house that would take a lot of effort or money to maintain. This means replacing old components like the HVAC or the roof. You can also consider replacing your carpet with hardwood floors or wood sidings with vinyl. 

Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

When looking for real estate in the Northern Beaches area, some people consider how efficient a home is in consuming energy. This is a reflection of the increasing movement toward sustainability. 

To make your home more energy-efficient, consider installing double-pane windows. You can also shore up the insulation in your attic, which will extend the life of your roof aside from conserving energy. Having solar panels installed is a more significant investment but is guaranteed to increase your home’s value in the long term.   

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