Teaching Children Road Safety: 5 Tricks To Keep Them Out of Danger

Teaching Children Road Safety

When the warmer months start to roll around, everyone is ready for loads of outdoor fun in the sun. For many children, this is a time when their curiosity and love of adventure get to shine through. These are a few tricks to make sure your loved ones stay safe while out and about.

Talk About Why

Most parents start hearing the question “Why?” almost as soon as their little one begins to get words out. It’s very important to answer even those questions which seem a bit out there. According to Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, young children walking to school are not the most common victims of pedestrian accidents, but they are the most common victims to die as a result of their injuries. Therefore, it is imperative to teach your kids about just how dangerous walking across the street can be, and teach them the simple safety rules every child should know.

Make The Rules Simple

It won’t be forever that you’ll have to hold your child’s hand through the process of walking in the street. For some parents, this comes as a threat. And for others, it is a relief. No matter where you are on that spectrum, you can always start simple. If the first rule you can pass across is “Don’t run or play in the street,” you are already off to a good start. While answering why and slowly attaching one rule to the next, you can ensure that your child’s mind grasps these life-saving concepts.

Make It Fun

Road safety can be fun. Even figuring out which way traffic is going can be turned into a little game. An especially fun aspect of road safety is dressing to be seen. The reflective material necessary for safely walking and crossing the street comes in many fun varieties. One of the ways you can make road safety a treat for your kids is by allowing them creative freedom. What colors do they like? What animals and shapes are they obsessed with? By tailoring their safety aids to their preferences, parents begin to reinforce this fact: road safety is good.

Lead by Example

With such tiny bodies and fleeting memories, children can sometimes seem unaware of the things you, their parents, are doing. Until they inadvertently blurt a personal detail about your behavior out to their preschool teacher or babysitter, you may never realize that they’re watching your every move. For this reason, your walk must match your talk. Prescribing road safety and then practicing unsafe behavior in the street tells a child that they can also decide when it’s important to be safe or not. It might be time for a refresher in pedestrian safety for you, too.

Think About Insurance

Keeping your child safe is something you’re constantly striving to do. But tragedy can occur even in the safest of environments. Perenich Law Injury Attorneys indicate that many accidents tend to happen due to speeding and distracted driving, two behaviors you see in the streets around you every single day. It might initially be laughable, but thinking about the toll a pedestrian accident could take on your family’s finances might highlight the serious nature of this consideration. Begin looking into practical ways of guaranteeing safety, even in the face of frightening circumstances.

As soon as you let your kids out of the house, it might feel as if your heart is beating outside your body. You don’t have to be anxious about your little ones. Teach them road safety and you can trust that all will be well.