Give A Makeover To Your RV With These Ideas

Give A Makeover To Your RV

Some of you might travel a lot in your RV. And this is so exciting, but some elements will make you fall in love with your RV more than before. RV is home to many, and you don’t want your home to look dull. You have already thought of a hundred ideas to make your RV look gorgeous. We have a few ideas to help you get more precise pictures, and then you can just get started. 

Add some letters 

This is a very personal thing for many. But adding some letters will mean something to you. You should put it up if you love dialogue from a movie or series about adventure, life, or anything. Get a letterboard to add and put it up on the wall. 

This will make you feel nice when you see the phrase or quote on your RV wall. It is also very unique that few people know about it. So you can be the first one to use it among your friends. Then, after a while, when you get bored with the quote, put up a new section. 

Use the Peel-and-Stick method.

It is unnecessary to paint your RV wall just because someone said so. There are other options in the market that you can opt for. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent option. It means that nothing is permanent and can be changed whenever you like. Painting is good if you want to have stability. But for those who love to try new things now and then, wallpaper that can be peeled off is an affordable and creative way of decorating.

Putting up your art

If you have made a fantastic painting that stays in your room but travels in your RV more, then why not put the image in your RV? This is the cheapest way to make your RV feel homely. You can invite your friends and family for a trip and get some adoration for your creative work. It sounds good. You can even put up some old pictures or some writings from your college time.

Fabric for ceiling

You must have taken the initiative to put a good Upholstery fabric for the RV‘s furniture inside. But have you thought about adding it to the ceiling? Yes, it requires work, but the result is always worth it. 

Some excellent and soft texture will make it look awesome. Of course, there are some issues, like avoiding the lights while putting the fabric. For such work, you can call our service, and we will make sure that every edge of the material is perfectly placed. Vinyl is a good choice if you want a rugged yet easy-to-install fabric on your ceiling. 

The smooth finishing will give you a good feeling in your RV. just like your comfortable furniture fabric; the ceiling will also feel good. You can even add light curtains. But you must decide on a theme before adding materials all around the place. Usually, a light color looks good inside an RV. 

Add some decor to your bedroom. 

Like you do at home, change the bedsheets, blanket, quilt, pillow, etc. If you put up everything as per your theme, it will complement the whole RV decor. The interiors always bring a  better color to the overall appearance. Thus, don’t forget to add new sheets and pillowcases to your bedroom.


You have lights in your house, and some are just really cool. But what about the RV? Put up some fairy lights put in to make it look magical. We are sure that this will calm you after a hectic day. Children love fairy lights; if you have one, put on some. Another way of brightening the place is using battery candles. There is no danger of catching fire with battery candles.

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