6 Business Objectives that Can Be Met with OKR Software

OKR Software

Well planned growth is important to the success of any business, but it is especially vital in those early startup days. If you are in on the ground floor of a new business, one of the best gifts you can give your fledgling company is to implement OKR, the goal management system Google used to shoot to the top.

What is OKR software?

OKR stands for Objectives & Key Results. It maintains objective alignment up and down the company hierarchy by bringing all employees into the process and allowing ongoing bidirectional communication. 

OKR is about setting wildly ambitious goals and giving employees the freedom to creatively achieve those goals, while staying in touch with reality through transparency and respect.

Whatever phase your company is in, whether you’re pre-product or expanding your team, OKR software for startup can get and keep you on track toward success.

What can OKRs do for your startup?

  • Prioritize Goals

OKR limits companies, teams, and individuals to a few key objectives at a time. SImilarly, under each objective there are only a few key results. While your company may one day reach for industry domination, the only way to get there is to focus on what can be done today.

  • Save Time

Focusing on the right goals from the start and frequently monitoring progress will save any company time, but OKR can also be tweaked to be particularly useful to startups. For startups in the pre product or market fit stage, OKRs will function on a much shorter time frame, in order to quickly test many hypotheses. 

  • Engage Employees

OKR software for startups is not just a tool for top management; it’s a communication tool that goes up, down, and across the company to get everyone involved in setting and achieving goals. 

  • Execute Strategies with Limited Resources

However large or small your team, make the most of it with the targeted and transparent goal structure of OKR software for startups. When everyone knows how they fit into the big picture, they can avoid repeating work already being addressed by their coworkers.

  • Foster Effective Leadership

The best leaders are effective communicators, and OKR is all about communication. With OKR, managers can lead from within their organization, rather than standing disconnected above it. 

  • Encourage High-performance Culture

One of the most interesting aspects of OKR is the 70% principle–the notion that goals should be set high enough that your company routinely achieves about 70% of them. This is a handy way to check that you’re setting stretch goals; achieving less is demoralizing, and an indication that objectives and/or strategies need to be reconsidered. 

Achieving more is fantastic, but if your team is overperforming all the time, they’re probably not taking enough risks. Failure is necessary for growth, especially when it comes to startups.

Achieve your goals with OKR software for startups

If you are ambitious enough to be involved in a new business, whether as founder or early investor of sweat equity, you need a system to turn those ambitions into results. OKR software for startups makes it easy to implement the best system to do just that.