The Eleven Common And Annoying Pet Peeves That Drive People Mad

Pet Peeves

Every one of us has a pet peeve. A pet peeve may be a habit, action, words or behavior of people that annoys or irritates us. It is most of the time displayed by our family members, friends or co-workers. We love and like them, but still, some of their behaviors can put us off and ruin our mood. Do you want to know the common annoying pet peeves in the world? 

We have listed eleven pet peeves for you to understand that many people like you are annoyed by them. It can also help you understand others more and offers you a level of tolerance to handle their annoying habits. Have fun going through the list because some pet peeves are funny. 

Noisy eating habit 

It is one of the common pet peeves in the world, but it annoys many. Some people tend to chew their food vigorously, making a lot of noise. It may not be pleasant to hear. The munching and the slurping are annoying and terrifying to look at and hear. Also, maintaining pleasant conversations during mealtime is not possible around such noisy eaters. 

Interrupting conversations

It is also the biggest pet peeve there is. Some knowingly or unknowingly like to interrupt conversations and talk about themselves or the subjects they like. So tolerating them can be challenging. To maintain peace, one must stop their conversation to listen to the interrupters without getting angry at the workplace. It can be extremely troublesome for many, so they consider it a pet peeve. 

Looking at someone’s phone without permission 

A person’s phone is a personal gadget, so unless and until they let you look at it, you cannot stare at it. It is not a good habit, but still, many people do it to poke their noses into other’s affairs. Look away from your colleague’s phones if you are at a workplace. They may not take it lightly and will find it very annoying. 

Lack of personal space 

Many people have the pet peeve of someone standing too close to them. Their personal space may get invaded. So when standing in a crowded room or a lift, don’t stand too close to other people and most definitely strangers. 

Slow internet 

Slow internet is also one of the common pet peeves because people need fast internet connection to do productive work. It has become a necessity today. If the internet slows down, you may hear irritated grunts from the people around you. 

Very slow walkers 

Slow walking is good, but walking extremely slowly can annoy the people behind you. Imagine yourself on a narrow road and getting late for work and the person in front of you is walking extremely slowly. It can result in unpleasant and anxious situation. That is why slow walkers are a pet peeve for many people. 

Staring at people 

Many people get conscious when someone stares at them for a long time. They may wonder if there is anything on their face or clothes. Therefore it is not good manners to keep looking at people and making them uncomfortable. Even if you like someone, don’t stare at them. 

Talking with mouth full 

Some may have the habit of eating with their mouth full. Many people lose their appetite when they look at it, so it is their greatest pet peeve. It is also not good table manners to talk and laugh with food in your mouth. Therefore chew the food properly, swallow it and start talking. 

Tapping repetitively 

When people around the room are quiet, and if you start randomly tapping on the table, it can annoy them. It is also one of the common pet peeves. A person can use a pen, pencil or any other object to tap non-stop. The irritating tapping sound is not welcome, even if you like it. 

Speaking on the phone in front of others 

If you get a call, go to another room or distance yourself from others to speak. It is good manners. Some have the habit of speaking on the phone in front of others, and to make matters worse, they speak loudly, enunciating every word. It is awkward for others to listen to their colleagues or strangers speaking on the phone. 

Always coming late 

It is not a crime to be unpunctual sometimes. People understand when you are late because of illness, other personal issues, or unpredictable situations. But always coming late to the office or family gatherings is not good. It shows that the latecomer does not care about the event they are attending. Many will think that they are disrespectful and irresponsible. 

Find thoughts 

Are your pet peeves in the list above? These are some of the most annoying habits. These are common pet peeves, but it is possible to overcome them, so do not make your bad habit a pet peeve of others. Yet it is also best to learn to tolerate other people’s flaws instead of finding it unbearably annoying.