Three Kingdoms on HBO Max and More Movies Like It

Three Kingdoms on HBO Max

You can watch Three Kingdoms on HBO Max now along with a host of other movies. In 1999, Warner Bros. funded and David O. Russell directed the action-adventure film “Three Kings” as U.S. soldiers navigate tasks after the Persian Gulf War. During a search of an Iraqi officer, Sergeant Barlow and his team discover a map that they believe leads to bunkers near Karbala holding stolen gold bullion from Kuwait, and they decide to keep it while encountering desperate Iraqi civilians seeking protection from the Iraqi Army’s execution. Let us take a look at more movies like this. 

American Sniper

A simple Texan named Chris Kyle decides to join the U.S. Navy SEALs as a sniper after seeing news about the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. His life seems good as he marries Taya and starts a family, but he’s called to serve in Iraq. While he becomes a legend there with his sharpshooting, coming back home and adapting to normal city life becomes really tough. This affects not only him but also those close to him. The movie is a grim exploration of several tropes that are really haunting. 

The Town

The movie was based on Chuck Hogan’s novel “Prince of Thieves.” It’s about a Boston bank robber who starts having romantic feelings for someone he once robbed. He and his crew plan one last heist at Fenway Park. The movie is extremely deep and thoughtful when it comes to exploring human emotions like greed and fear. At the same time it also involves several layers of romance and intrigue as well. You will definitely have a wonderful time watching the time because it indeed is one of the finest and most thought-provoking in the entire world. 

Zero Dark Thirty

In 2012 there was a thrilling action movie called “Zero Dark Thirty.” Kathryn Bigelow directed it and Mark Boal wrote the story. The film chronicles the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden after his 9/11 attacks got a lot of Americans killed . Eventually they find his hideout in Pakistan and carry out a military operation to capture him. This operation happened on May 2 2011. “Zero Dark Thirty” got a lot of praise from critics for its direction as well as acting and editing. Plus it made a ton of money around $132 million worldwide.

Lord of War

In 2005, there was this crime drama movie called “Lord of War.” It is the story of a notorious arms dealer who later gets into some really shady moral complications later. Nicholas Cage is a magnificent actor who brought the role of Yuri Orlov to life. It is dark and brutal and at the same very thought provoking. Some folks have compared Yuri to other infamous arms dealers like Viktor Bout and Sarkis Soghanalian. The movie came out in the U.S. on September 16 2005 and it made a whopping $72.6 million at the box office.

The Matrix

The Matrix tells the bleak tale of humanity trapped inside a simulation of the real world while intelligent machines drain our energy bit by bit. These machines use people as a power source while keeping them in the dark. Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer who goes by the name “Neo” in the hacking world, discovers this truth. He then teams up with others who’ve escaped the Matrix to rebel against these machines. The movie has since then become a cult classic and part of enduring pop culture. Many movies were later made trying to emulate the famous bullet time sequences.

Terminator Salvation

“Terminator Salvation” came out on May 21 2009 in the United States through Warner Bros. Pictures and internationally via Sony Pictures Releasing. It made a hefty $371.4 million globally but received mixed reviews. “Salvation” happens in 2018 and it’s all about a big war. We have two sides to the movie. One is the Skynet which is basically the amalgamation technology of the world. The people are called the Resistance because they’ve teamed up from different armies around the world to fight against Skynet. Now that makes for some really interesting legend-building as well as action. 


This is about America’s fight against drugs, told through different stories. A Ohio judge is on the verge of becoming a stalwart against drug abuse but his own daughter is addicted to heroin. Then, there are two DEA agents who are after the wife of a big drug boss who’s in jail. She wants to take over his business. And there’s a cop in Mexico who’s standing up against powerful drug gangs in his town all by himself. This is one hell of a storyline as you can already see and critics have also given the movie their support. 

The Negotiator

Danny Roman is a hostage negotiator. His partner Nate tells him that some people in their department are stealing a lot of money from a fund for disabled officers. But when Danny goes to meet Nate, he finds Nate dead. Suddenly, everyone thinks Danny is the main suspect. It gets even worse when the investigator from Internal Affairs, who Nate’s informant thought was involved in the theft, starts looking into the murder. So, Danny takes hostages and asks Chris Sabian, the city’s second-best negotiator, for help in finding out who’s trying to frame him in this whole mess.

Black Hawk Down

In 1993 the United States sent special forces to Somalia. Their mission was to make the government unstable and provide food and help to the hungry people there. They used Black Hawk helicopters to drop the soldiers on the ground. This is the main plotline of the entire movie. But things go wrong when Somalian forces attack causing two helicopters to crash right away. Now the U.S. soldiers have to fight back and deal with a lot of gunfire while trying to get back on track. The rest of the story is a blood-soaked caper through the war-torn country. 

Pain and Gain

“Pain & Gain” is a movie from 2013. It is considered one of the best stories in the world. The story is based on what the Sun Gym gang did. They were a bunch of former convicts and bodybuilders who got in trouble for kidnapping, extortion, torture, and murder in Miami during the 1990s. The screenplay comes from articles written by Pete Collins for the Miami New Times in 1999, which were also turned into a book called “Pain & Gain: This Is a True Story.” The movie’s title is a twist on a common saying in fitness, which is “No pain, no gain.” 

Army of the Dead

Just imagine a world where zombies and bank robbers are together. You find a lot of similarities between this and other heist movies except this one has a horde of hungry zombies after your flesh. Scott Ward leads a group of mercenaries into zombie infested Los Angeles to recover a boat load of money for a crime lord. The action sequences are really great and flecked with a huge amount of gore. At the same time there is a surprising amount of gore here that you will like. 

American Animals

“American Animals” is a movie from 2018. Bart Layton wrote and directed it. It stars Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Jared Abrahamson, and Ann Dowd. The film tells the story of the Transylvania University book heist that happened in Kentucky in 2004. In the movie, actors act out what happened before, during, and after the heist. It is really nice and critics love the camaraderie between actors a lot. The heist was planned in a very careful manner and many people were not even aware of it until during the last stages. 

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