Where Do You Apply Your Makeup? 5 Vanity Makeovers to Inspire Your Beauty Space

Beauty Space

There are plenty of items that you could do without, but vanity is beneficial for those who love makeup. It helps keep your products in one area and lessens the time to prepare. You can have a vanity makeover without having to remodel your room.

Read on to learn five vanity makeovers that you can do for your beauty space.

  1. Have a Color Palette

Adding color to your vanity space and your room as a whole can have many effects. One of the best benefits is that the color brings in more natural light into your room. It can make your room feel brighter and larger.

You can pick any color for your vanity, but colors can act in three ways: active, passive, and neutral. Light colors look airy and expansive, thus making your room look big and light. Dark colors have a more sophisticated and warm look, giving your room a more intimate mood.

  1. Add Plenty of Storage Spaces

A good start for your vanity makeover is by having less clutter on your countertops. Take advantage of makeup storages to organize your products while keeping your vanity in check. Put your makeup brushes in a brush holder, an organizer, bag, case, or so on.

You can also go creative by adding a magnet to your products and arranging them on a magnet board. Go for a more antique vanity makeover and look for things your parents or grandparents don’t use. Search through your kitchen for objects you don’t often use, like ice cube trays and spice racks.

  1. Place a Big Mirror

If you have a large mirror in a small room, it creates an illusion of depth. The mirrors also help reflect the natural sources of light onto your face when applying makeup. Add a mirror shaped as a square, circle, or an unusually shaped mirror for a unique vanity makeover.

  1. Make It A One-Stop Makeover

Instead of running back and forth from your bathroom or closet to your makeover area, why not place it in the same space. You can choose to have added a vanity in your walk-in closet or bathroom for a one-stop-shop. It’s better to use a closet or bathroom with a window for more natural light to come in.

  1. Illuminate Your Vanity Space

If you lack the perfect lighting, it can be difficult to apply your makeup. Start by placing task lights like wall sconces on both sides of your mirror.

Then you can place LED strip lights or fairy lights all around the edges of your mirror. For extra light, you can place a ring light to get the best from your vanity makeovers.

Vanity Makeovers to Inspire Your Beauty Space

A vanity is an excellent feature for any room size, and it’s ideal for storing all your products. Take advantage of these vanity makeovers and improve the overall look of your room, bathroom, or closet.

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