3 Small Luxuries That Will Brighten up Your Daily Life

Small Luxuries

2020 has been a tough year. The good news is that the year is coming to an end and 2021 is already looking better and brighter. But, with that said, what’s the harm in looking for ways to perk up your daily life right now and put that much-needed smile on your face? We’ve got three small luxuries you can splurge on that are sure to brighten up your daily life, and really affect your mood in a positive way. The hardest question you’ll have is to ask yourself is, which luxury should you indulge in first? 

Luxury Sheets – Give Yourself the Gift of Great Sleep

One of the best ways to ensure you have a great day is to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Waking up feeling refreshed and energized will give you the pep to get out of bed in the morning, and fuel you all day long. While there are plenty of ways to improve your sleep, treating yourself to luxury sheets can certainly help.

In terms of what to look for, you want to find sheets that are lightweight, breathable, soft, and allow for temperature regulation. You don’t want sheets that make you sweat or those that don’t keep the warmth of your body in; it’s about finding that sweet-spot. Typically, bamboo and cotton are the best fabrics for temperature regulation.

Other features to look for include deep pockets if you have a thick mattress, the ability to launder them with ease, and wrinkle resistance.

High-Quality Coffee and Espresso – Treat Yourself to the Difference 

If you’re a coffee lover, then there is no doubt your day cannot begin without a steaming cup of Joe, but rather than using the rather forgettable grocery store brand in your pantry, why not treat yourself to a small luxury brand? Gourmet coffee can completely transform your love of coffee and take it to the next level of appreciation. In fact, it may make it impossible to go back to those grocery store brands now that you know what good coffee can taste like.

Once you’ve treated yourself to gourmet coffee, it’s time for the next natural step forward, which is espresso. This is a strong black coffee that is made by forcing steam through the actual coffee beans. It will instantly wake you up, and thanks to single serve pods, you don’t even need a barista to enjoy this indulgence. You can even choose your intensity and roast level when you purchase Gourmesso pods. You may want to sample a few so you get an idea of what appeals to you most.

A Designer Perfume or Cologne – Bask in the Fragrance All Day Long

Another indulgence that can brighten up your day is to go ahead and splurge on that designer perfume or cologne you’ve had your eye on. You’ll be able to spritz it on right before you leave the house in the morning and then enjoy small whiffs of it throughout your day.

Scent can cause an instant feeling or emotion, so picking one that is bright, airy, cheerful, and awakening can be a great way to elevate your mood. You may even want to pick up a couple so you can change things up depending on your mood that morning.

While these small luxuries may seem unnecessary and frivolous, the fact is that you deserve to treat yourself, and each of these can help to brighten up your daily life. Are you going to treat yourself this year? Let us know what you choose!

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