Kristin Jay Cutler: Explore The End Of A Tale

Kristin Jay Cutler
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Kristin Jay Cutler is the latest in a long line of relationships that have garnered the attention of the media everywhere. The couple recently announced their divorce after a decade together. The couple has three children together and have decided to share custody of the Kristin Jay Cutler kids so far. For fans all across the world, this is indeed a tragic tale. But to know why this split happened in the first place, we must first get to the bottom of the matter. 

How It Began

How It Began

Kristin and Jay first came together in a romantic association in the summer of 2010. A common friend introduced them to each other, and they later decided to take it forward. Kristin initially adored her new boyfriend and spoke at length about their relationship in public interviews.

One year later, in March, the couple made their official red carpet-appearance at the premiere of Source Code. Kristin wrote in her book Balancing in Heels about how Jay would send her sweet texts and emails even when they were apart. It was what she had always wanted. A strong manly partner who was also emotional and vulnerable when it came to relationships. 

In the next two months, a whirlwind of incidents took place, which left both of them unsteady. Jay proposed to Kristin over Easter, and she accepted. However, he called off the engagement soon afterward. Sources say Kristin felt blindsided and reportedly went into shock after that.

Even though Jay was the one who broke off things, he later posted on Facebook about how he would delete mean comments about Kristin and block the ones attempting to troll them. For all intents and purposes, the relationship was now in a rocky phase and fan forums were buzzing with gossip about Jay and Kristin. 

Things Get Steady

In the month of November, things started looking a bit alright for the celebrity couple. The engagement was back, and this time when reporters asked about their status, Kristin said everything that had happened was quite silly. She was about to leave Chicago after staying there for quite some time when Jay suddenly texted her and asked if they could get married. After a moment’s hesitation, she replied yes. Then he sent her the wedding ring in the mail. According to Kristin, she doubted herself for a couple of days before finally putting it on again. 

Soon afterward, Kristin announced that she was pregnant with their first child, and thus, they had to put the wedding on hold for some time. She appeared in some photoshoots with her baby bump nicely complimenting her colorful outfits. The couple welcomed their first child, Camden Jack Cutler, on August 8, and the internet sighed together at the development.

Another year later in June, Jay and Kristin officially tied the knot in Nashville in June. Kristin posted a gushy tweet where she declared herself Kristin Elizabeth Cutler. No doubt, the Kristin Jay Cutler house was alive with celebrations for a long time. 

Things Get Steady

The End

Two more children and some years later, ugly rumors of an affair surrounding Jay and Kelly Henderson surfaced. The relationship fractured drastically, and both sides refused to reconcile eventually; the couple announced their split on Instagram. 


1. What happened between Kristin and Jay?

They divorced following rumors of an affair between Jay and Kelly Henderson.

2. Did Kristin have a toxic relationship with Jay?

Yes, according to her the relationship was toxic.

3. Why did Kristin and Jay call off their engagement?

Because she could not ignore all the red flags.

4. Who did Kristin Cavallari marry?

Kristin Cavallari married Jay Cutler. 

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