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eCommerce business

In today’s market, business moves faster than ever. The Internet has made huge advances in how we work and live, and nowhere has it made more strides than in the business world. So,in today’s day and age, if you are opening a small business, you may consider strictly using the Internet as your avenue for commerce. Never before in human history has it been possible to sell items so easily to people all over the globe from the comfort of your own home.

However, just because it is easy to access does not mean it is easy to make your business successful. Due to the low barrier of entry for starting an online business, there is massive competition in nearly every niche. What you need is the right eCommerce business solutions to ensure that your brand outcompetes the rest and takes the greatest piece of the pie.There has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. Experts predict that in 2018, eCommerce will grow 13 to 25 percent. Since this sector is already large, that could mean as much as 2.5 trillion dollars of new money. The opportunities are out there and never before has there been such an accessible way to make money online.

In every discussion of eCommerce business solutions, it is important to establish specific goals for your business. Selling products online has never been easier, but by taking the time to determine where you want to be in three months, six months, or even a year and beyond, you can build a roadmap to set yourself up for success. ECommerce businesses also are not bound by some of the factors that limit the growth of traditional brick-and-mortar shops. There is no need to worry about location when establishing your online brand. Your location is the Internet and your address is your URL and social media channels. Proactive merchants can even establish “pop up shops” that briefly bring their online stores to the real world, needing only a small inventory and a tablet with point of sale software installed.

In addition, the tools to found your business today are more in number and more widely accessible. There are now countless platforms available for selling your product, automated marketing, conducting research on potential customers, and engaging them with social media. However, the most daunting part of the equation remains the same: the product. While there are millions of great product ideas out there, a truly great product comes together to serve a function while sticking to the right price points and featuring a design that captures the imagination and excites the customer.

Let the numbers speak for themselves as well – 80% of the web population has made a purchase. In other words, nearly everyone who uses the Internet buys things online. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, this may not have been the case. But, as millennials grow older, a new generation that grew up with the Internet now has complete confidence in the security and safety of their purchase and people now use the Internet to access things they were not able to in the past. A unique idea for an Internet business can be extremely profitable. Services like Uber and Postmates fill the niche of taxis and delivery drivers and utilize the Internet to do it better and more efficiently, giving them a competitive edge.

When it comes to finding the perfect eCommerce business solutions to help you take advantage of this growing and profitable sector, Genius eCommerce is here to help. We specialize in demystifying the process and figuring out what key areas you need to improve in to maximize your earning potential.