A Guide on How to Choose the Right Concertina for Your Music Needs

buying a concertina

Music is essential to the soul and has instantly boosted its popularity. Most people cannot spend a day without listening to music. Music brings calm and a soothing feeling to the mind and soul. There are several music genres, which guarantees that there is something for everyone. Music can be composed with the addition of musical instruments. Music instruments are many, and this allows musicians to play around with instruments until they get the best one that matches their type of music. Some musicians even use up to three or four instruments to add flavor to their music. 

Famous instruments include the piano or keyboard, guitar, and drum set. However, there are other instruments that people tend to need to learn more about as they are not used often, and one of them is the concertina. Concertinas are mainly used to play English folk music or traditional Irish music. Are you looking into buying a concertina? If so, here are a couple of tips you can use to guide you throughout your purchase;

Your skill levels

When buying any musical instrument, it is best to base your decision on your skill level. Your skill level can help you quickly decipher what instrument is best for you and what type of instrument. For example, if you are incredibly talented at playing the piano but have never played the trombone, there is no need to buy the trombone unless you want to learn the instrument. When it comes to the concertina if you are starting, an anglo concertina would be best, then the other types can follow. Different concertinas have varying numbers of keys. For beginners, a 20-key model would be the most suitable.

The music you want to play

When playing music on any instrument, the lyrics are broken down into chords to make it easier to play on any said instrument. With the wide range of concertinas available, you should strive to find the one that suits the music you play best. You can do this by analyzing the number of buttons and reeds the concertina has and what keys it plays in. The Hohner D40 concertina, for example, plays in the C major and G primary keys, with 20 buttons accompanied by 40 reeds. Such a concertina would be suitable for music that doesn’t have complicated chords.

The price

Music instruments can go for different prices depending on their making and purpose. Setting up a budget beforehand is essential to avoid overspending, which may stretch your pockets further than their limit. Look at various online and physical stores and compare their prices and the quality of the instruments, then settle for the one that meets your standards and fits your budget. 

The different types of concertinas

There are three distinct yet equally popular types of concertinas, and they include; double concertina, English concertina, and anglo concertina. They differ in layout, material, overall design, and button systems. While this distinction may not seem like a big deal, it can heavily impact how you play, owing to the hand placement.


Concertinas are essential in adding a hint of flavor to the music, especially English folklore, and Irish music. Using the above elements, you can easily find a concertina that matches your needs perfectly.

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