Is AJ Styles Flat Earth Believer Or Not? Find Out What The WWE Star Randy Orton Has To Say

AJ Styles flat earth

In this 21st century if you hear somebody saying that they believe in the flat earth theory then there’s something wrong. Well, on the internet, AJ Styles Flat earth believes have come to the surface. So, his fellow ‘mate’ WWE champ Randy Orton has certainly taken a dig at him for being a Flat earth believer.

We know that AJ Styles is one of the most popular WWE Stars. So, this AJ Styles flat earth believer fiasco has made his fans talk about the wrestler’s other beliefs. Add fuel to the fire, his co-wrester Viper or whom we also know as Randy Orton had something to say on this matter.

So, if you want to know more about AJ Styles flat earth topic then you have to follow this article for more details. We will also share the sly banter of Randy Orton on this matter.

Flat Earth Believer: What Does Randy Orton Have To Say To AJ?

It’s not the first time that Randy Orton has taken a dig at someone. Moreover, it’s definitely not the first time that he has taken a dig at AJ, especially. On previous occasions, Orton has commented on the Interconentional champion’s beliefs.

So,  does AJ Styles truly believe that our earth is not spherical but it’s like a disc? If yes, then he is one of the flat earth believers.

During an appearance on After The Bell, the famous Viper of the ring admitted that he finds the flat earth theory extremely hilarious. In fact, he even likes to joke about it as well. Moreover, he also added that whenever he brings the topic up it makes AJ angry.

Orton said, “He thinks the Earth’s flat, and I know that’s just a really comical topic to talk about. And I give him s*** about it, and he hates it. So I just had to get that.” He also added that it wasn’t a rib and he really thinks that the earth is flat.

Randy Orton said that he brought that topic up a lot of times and each time he brings it up it somehow makes AJ angry. Well, this AJ Styles’ flat earth beliefs have certainly fascinated the WWE Viper.

What Does AJ Have To Say?

Well, according to Orton, they were watching a documentary one day and it somehow intrigued AJ. In fact, he said that it was worth watching AJ watching the documentary than watching the actual documentary.

As per the reports, fans have suspected Styles of sharing his belief that the earth is flat. In fact, this is something that Daniel Bryan has also pointed out before in 2016 on Talking Smack.

However, the man himself has denied such rumors but said that the theory of flat earth raised some interesting points.

He said, “I am not a flat-earther, but there are some things that they say”. He denies any rumors and says that he’s not a flat earth believer. So, do you think this AJ Styles flat earth believer story is false? Well, maybe, but he has also said something interesting. So, he said that although he isn’t a flat earth believer there are some theories that he liked.

“I’m not a flat earther, but they bring up some interesting points. It’s interesting and I think you should be able to question anything you want. And you don’t have to agree with everybody’.


So, we can say that the fan loves his sci-fi stuff. In fact, he likes to watch things about aliens, sci-fi movies, and conspiracy theories. These are things that intrigue him and that doesn’t mean that he has to follow them to watch them.