Teen Mom Alum Taylor Halbur Shares A Rare Picture Of Her Daughter Paislee

Taylor Halbur

Recently, Teen Mom Alum Taylor Halbur has shared a photograph of her 7-year old daughter Paislee on the internet. Well, it’s a pretty rare photo as well and she has shared this after her ex-fiance Adam Lind had signed over his paternal rights.

The picture which was taken on the 4th of July saw Taylor, then 31, smiling for the camera with her daughter. In fact, not only them but the photo also had her husband Joe Leonard. Moreover, Joe also had his own daughter from a previous relationship in that picture.

On this note, it’s worth noting that Taylor Halbur moved on from his relationship with Adam. So, she has tied knots with Joe, the father of three in the year 2017. Joe adopted Paislee, the son of Taylor soon after Adam had signed away his paternal rights a year later.

Adam Hadn’t Reached Out To Taylor At All

As per the sources, it’s really a sad thing that Taylor Halbur’s ex-fiance Adam didn’t reach out to her at all. In fact, she couldn’t even tell the media where Adam was. She said that she hadn’t heard a single thing about Adam. In addition, she also felt like he was just a ghost to her. Therefore she hadn’t had any clue as to where Adam was.

Moreover, Taylor Halbur added that she really didn’t know what had made adam decide such a decision to give up his parental rights to Paislee. Taylor said that it was her and Adam’s idea and she felt as if Adam didn’t really give his 100% into it.

On another note, it’s worth noting that Adam who is 31 years old has a daughter as well. His wife was another Teen Mom, Chelsea Houska. As per the sources, Adam was the husband of Chelsea Houska and he is the father of Aubree, who is just 11 years old now. However, He failed to become a regular presence in the life of Aubree’s childhood. In other words, he only paid occasional visits to his dear daughter.

What Happened To Chelsea Houska?

Well, we know that Adam, Taylor’s ex-fiance tied knots with Chelsea Houska. However, that marriage didn’t last long. Currently, the 29-year-old Chelsea has married Cole DeBoer. Together the couple shares three children- Watson, Layne, and Walker.

Adam’s life is not that ideal because of legal and drug problems. It’s because of those problems that the officials have ousted Adam off the MTV show for years. Most recently, the police even issued a warrant to him for his arrest owning to child support.

The warrant of 11th Jan demanded authorities arrest Adam either in the daytime or in the nighttime and then bring him to the court. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that Adam tested positive for meth in the year 2017. It happened during the custody case with Taylor Halbur.

The Sisterhood Between Chelsea And Taylor Halbur

Despite all the negativity around, the sisterhood between Chelsea and Taylor Halbur is still the same. In fact, it’s the adverse situation that has kept the half-sisters staying in touch and hanging out together. Taylor once said, “With Covid and everything, it thew a wrench in everybody’s schedules. I know Chelsea and I, especially during wintertime and the school time, our schedules are so busy.”

She added that due to COVID-19 and problems they could get together as often as they’d have liked.

“Eventually we will get back to that place where we’ll be able to get the girls together at the park or movies…Once all the Covid stuff dies down I think it’ll be a lot easier…”