Everything You Need To Know About Lil Star Golden Cannon


Golden Cannon! That’s a unique name, for sure. Who is this boy? And how is he such a popular public figure at such a tender age? We are curious, and we know that you are too. Let’s get into the gossip, then. In this piece, we will share with you everything about the little celebrity whose name is Golden Cannon. 

Who is Golden Cannon?

Golden Cannon was born on 21st February 2017. His full name is Golden Sagon Cannon. Firstly, he is a very famous celebrity child from California, the USA. So how did he get so famous at only 5 years old? That’s because of his parents. Secondly, he is the lovely son of American rapper Nick Cannon. Nick Cannon works as an actor, Tv presenter, and comedian. 

Furthermore, he is very popular for presenting  The Nick Cannon Show and its spin-off. 

Thirdly, the name of Golden Cannon’s mother is Brittany Bell. Fourthly, Golden Cannon’s sister is the powerful Queen Cannon. Fifthly, his stepbrothers are Moroccan Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, and Zillion Heir Cannon. And his half-sister is Monroe Cannon. Did you know that he is the nephew of Gabriel Cannon? 

Lil Star Golden Cannon

Let’s know about the handsome boy’s physical appearance. His height now is 3 feet 2 inches, and his weight is 25 kilograms. Besides, his hair colour is black, and his eyes are dark brown. Although his nationality is American, he is of mixed ethnicity. His mother is West Indian black American, while his father is Afro- American. His zodiac is Pisces. 

About his father and mother

Also, his father is well known for starring in movies like Love don’t cost a thing. Also, Goal 2: living the dream, Drumline and Roll bounce. But he is better known as a rapper. His debut was a self-titled album that was released in 2003. 

His ex-girlfriend Brittany Mesa Bell, mother of Golden, is a former model and former Miss Arizona USA 2010. Furthermore, she was Miss Guam in 2014. During an appearance on a show called ‘The Breakfast club,’ the duo announced expecting their first child with Bell. 

In addition, Bell had a lovely baby shower with a celestial theme on 9th February 2017. Golden’s parents posted many pictures of him on social media after his birth. After all, this Golden became a proud brother to his sister in December 2020. Many celebrities like  Jordin Sparks and Eniko Hart congratulated the couple. 

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Apart from this, Nick shares Monroe and Moroccan with his former wife, Mariah Carey. As we all know, she is a well-known singer. They got married back in 2008 and divorced in 2014. 

Further details about Nick Cannon

Currently, in 2021, Golden’s half-brothers Zion and Zillion were born. Their mother is DJ Abby De La Rosa. In fact, Nick even announced that he hopes to have a kid soon with Alyssa Scott in the same year. 

Some more details about Golden Cannon

Golden’s father is quite famous with the ladies. When Bell was expecting him, Nick was rumoured to be dating Jessica White( model, actress). 

Alyssa and Nick’s child will be the rapper’s fourth baby in less than a year. Way to go on family planning.  

Zion and Zillion have unique names that have caught many people’s attention on social media. 

Furthermore, Mariah Carey and Nick are on friendly terms. She even congratulated him when Bell was expecting Golden. 

Ending note

Golden Cannon has acquired many fans from a very young age. And surely, the boy knows how to handle a fan following with suaveness. We hope he becomes a well-known star and a good man.

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