5 Best Streaming Apps 2020

5 Best Streaming Apps 2020

Streaming applications are the most demanding apps nowadays because of many reasons that are why people want to use them for their entertainment. There are thousands of apps available in the market, so it is tough to find the best one. So we are here to tell you the list of best applications available in the market.

Best TV Streaming Apps To Be Used In 2020

5- HBO Go

HBO GO is one of the best forms that will give you a lot of entertainment according to your choice. This application was released in 2010 it was developed in early 2008, but the team was using different experiments to make it better.

It was released in most European areas included Latin America, Philippines, Thailand, and many other regions. The app was doing great business from its release day, and now it is one of the most used applications on the internet.

4- Disney+

Disney plus apk file got the most downloads in just only one month it is the application that made millions of dollars in a single month. According to different resources, it may cross Netflix in some years because there is a potential in their content.

It was released in 2019, and people give positive reviews about this application from its 1st day. Their customer support is also better than Netflix because this company is thinking to beat Netflix; that is why the company is not compromising on any act.

The Walt Disney Company is won many Oscars in their life; that is why their app becomes the most used application of 2019 after Netflix in just one month. According to Wikipedia, it has more than 28 million users right now, but it will improve more in the coming days.

The website Alexa.com tells its rank is 379, which means this website is ranked on that spot as compared to all other big sites. They are charging monthly package only for 7 dollars people are wondering why its price is so low but the fact they are earning because of this trick.

3- Hulu

Hulu also one of the most demanding apps nowadays that makes its place in the best application of all time. Its Alexa rank is 212, which is also a significant amount means it is 212 places in getting users as compare to all other websites from the world.

It has 30 million users that are using this application on their devices. They are paying the right amount of money to this company, and the owner of Hulu also becomes one of the wealthiest people in his city.

2- TeaTV

Teatv apk file also becomes popular than all other applications on the internet because it is offering everything in a free of cost. The best thing about this application is they are not charging you a single penny, but you need to watch their ads.

The content of this app is better than many paid products, so I will always prefer this product as compared to other paid versions. They are giving mostly Netflix movies free of cost, that is why it was removed from the app store, but now you can download this app from their website.

1- Netflix

Netflix is the boss of all streaming apps; its Alexa rank is 21. It was released in 1997, and now it is on the top of business with 33.975 billion assets. The report of the last year 2019 said that it has now 6700 employees in their different categories who are working best to take this product to the next level.

The owner of the company said we know that we are at number one, but we will make our product much better than no one thinks to beat our quality. This project was started only with 24 million, and now it becomes the disaster business of one industry.

In 2008 it eliminated its subscriber’s notification package, but later in 2013, it was back with more functions. It is almost in all countries of the world except some of the states and people are using this app happily for their homes. Many offices also prefer this product because of its content and kids are also welcome for this product. There is an option then all the content will be for kids.

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