Learn About The Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs In Canada Who Made It Big

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs In Canada

Nowadays, the world has a lot of entrepreneurs who made their dreams come true through sheer hard work and dedication. Here, we will talk about the top 10 young entrepreneurs in Canada who have certainly given a lot to achieve success.

Being a good entrepreneur requires skill, hard work, dedication, passion, confidence, and all the other essential factors. In fact, the young entrepreneurs show that everyone is capable of doing anything if they want. First of all, they need to put the use of their capabilities and increase productivity.

So, in this article, we will take a look at the top 10 young entrepreneurs from Canada and learn more about them. If you want to check out about their life, then you are at the right place.

Here Are The Top Young Entrepreneurs That You Should Know About

Each day, a lot of entrepreneurs with their innovative minds inspire us. With a passionate heart and mind, they follow their dreams and attain great success. Moreover, they are the ones who contribute a lot to the world’s economy. If you want to become a great entrepreneur, then let’s take a look at some of the wise and famous ones.

1. Jon Lipinski

Jon Lipinski
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First, on the list of top 10 young entrepreneurs, let’s talk about Jon Lipinski. So, Jon’s startup business Ecopia is pretty famous. His company adopts AI to create HD maps to support govt, NGOs, and a lot of companies. The company’s maps are being used to distribute vaccines in this time of pandemic as well.

2. Eva Wong

Eva Wong
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Next, let’s talk about Eva Wong who is the founder and CEO at Borrowell. Moreover, she is one of the 20 techs start-up founders as well. So, her company Borrowell is a fintech company. It encourages people to make proper or apt decisions about credit. Moreover, her company has more than 900k members now.

3. Hamid Aradzadeh

Hamid Aradzadeh
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Did you know that Hamid holds 2 graduate degrees in Industrial Hygiene and occupational health sciences? In fact, it’s worth noting that he is the founding principal of the HRA environmental consultants Inc. Moreover, he is also the CEO of RANOVUS since 2012.

4. Stephanie Ciccarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli
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Stephanie is another one of the top 10 young entrepreneurs from Canada who is the co-founder and CEO of Voices.com. Well, she first revealed her business plan to her husband and then established the company in Ontario. So, it has now become the largest marketplace for Voice actors.

5. Jason Flick 

Jason Flick 
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Next, we have Jason Flick, the CEO, and co-founder of You.i.TV. So, it’s worth noting that Jason is pretty much passionate about his company. In fact, he has attained so much success as well.

6. Jodie Morgan

Jodie Morgan
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Jodie is the CEO at GreenMantra, a company, that modifies plastics into artificial waxes polymer additives. As a Canadian entrepreneur, she has certainly made a huge success.

7. Shahraz Rafati

Shahraz Rafati
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Next, we have Shahraz Rafati, who is the CEO and founder of BroadbandTv. So, her video digital entertainment company has become the third-largest video property all around the globe as well. In fact, she began her company right after school.

8. Mallorie Brodie

Mallorie Brodie
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Mallorie Brodie has also made a huge success and made her dreams come true. Her Bridgit Solutions app has enabled the contractors to log in and follow tasks. Moreover, they can even post pictures and share important info with others.

9. Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird
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Next, we have Jenny Bird who founded a Jewelry company back in 2008. The girl Jenny from Ontario wanted to build something that showed her personal belief. Moreover, in 2011, her husband joined the company as president. They are now trading to 600 retailers all around the globe.

10. Daniel Legault

Daniel Legault
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Last on our list, we have Daniel Legault, who is the chief executive officer of Antibe Therapeutics inc. This company produces new pain medications that don’t give side effects. He has become really famous because of his business module.