Rihanna’s Net Worth Is So High & Here’s The One Reason Why

Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna Net Worth 2020: Rihanna is a songwriter, actress and Barbados-born singer, who has a net worth of $600 million as of May 2020. Rihanna is a world-class music icon. She continuously has been breaking records, and all of the concert halls she sings will sell out because of her loyal fans. She has also been captivating fans by her honest personality. She has been in the scene of music for many years now. The name she made for herself, her looks and her style are the talks of the town. She is certainly a pioneer in the industry. Because of her career, she is rich. Her net worth is high because of many other reasons too. So what is her actual net worth? Let’s have a look at it. 

As of May 2020, Rihanna Net Worth is estimated to be $600 million, She making one of the richest songwriter, actress, singers in the world.

Rihanna Net Worth

What is Rihanna Net Worth? 

According to the estimation, Rihanna Net Worth is $600 million and maybe more. Many people say that Rihanna is young to get that much of an amount as her net worth. She is only thirty years old. She has managed to create an impressionable image in this age to her fans. Her strength of character and her other admirable qualities are all held in high esteem by her fans. 

Rihanna Net Worth

Now you may be thinking about how Rihanna could acquire this much fortune? How much could this much money be managed? It is because she is a shrewd businesswoman also, and that is why she can handle it all. She is also interested in many other things other than her singing career. Let’s find out what that is. 

Rihanna sings incredibly and also manages her cosmetic line with the same finesse. She has made some super-smart business decisions. That is the reason her net worth is large. She manages her brand with her creative skills that have helped it to move forward and get a place in the competitive cosmetic line. Her brand, Fenty Beauty, is one of the popular ones in the world right now. 

He life story

Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988. The environment she grew up was terrible because her father was an alcoholic and cocaine addict, and that was why she turned to music for comfort. Then she was discovered by the producer Evan Rogers and was brought to the USA where she did some demos. She became a part of Syndicated Rhythm Productions, the company of Rogers’ and Carl Sturken’s Production Company. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna’s full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She started her career in music from the year 2005. Her first album was called the Music of the Sun. It only old 609,000 copies but her name became known to many music fans. One of the songs was “Pon de Replay.” It got the place in the billboard 200 top ten lists. 

This album opened many doors for her in her music career. She has got fourteen number one hits throughout. Two hundred million records and singles have been sold that have made her the best-selling artists in the world. This shows that the singer is extremely successful. She is very much successful, that she gets $70 million per annul. This is not surprising as she works hard for it. The sales of her albums are proof of that. 

Her home and personal life 

Rihanna has a penthouse in Manhattan, New York, worth $14 million. She also has a property in West London that she purchased for £7 million in June 2018. There is also a property she owns in her hometown Barbados that costs $22 million. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

She is also known for her high profile relationships, such as with the rapper Drake. There was also the relationship that made the headlines for some time with the Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel. The most popular relationship she had was with the singer Chris Brown. 

Her Acting pursuits 

The film debut of the singer happened in August 2006. The name of the film was “Bring It On: All or Nothing”. In the year 2012 her television program named “Styled to Rock” began. The show was first released in UK and then an American version was made. She also acted in many other films like the “Battleship“, “Ocean’s 8“, “Guava Island” etc. 

Her music career and business 

In addition to her music career, Rihanna also works for her brand Fenty beauty. This cosmetic line that bears her name was started in September 2017. In only some weeks, the retailers rushed to get hold of the cosmetics products of the brand. The brand is an all-inclusive brand, which is its special feature. It caters to all the skin tones and complexions. All women can find the product for their skin in Fenty beauty. This was a very brilliant move on Rihanna’s part. She considered all of the skin types of the women and filled a huge void left by many cosmetic line brands. She is now reaping the benefits because of her super plan. Unlike many brands today, she has considered the requirements of the women of color who couldn’t find the cosmetic that suits their skin tone. The brand received the $100 million in revenue in just two months after it was launched. 

In April 2018, Rihanna also started to plan for her line of the lingerie. She is giving the excellent name for it “SavagaeXFenty” Lingerie. This name given is so symbolic of Rihanna. Many of the fans have got only a glimpse of the lingerie. But they have no doubts about the fact that it is going to rock because when Rihanna starts something, it is going to be amazing. 

When we look at all these matters, it is no wonder that Rihanna net worth is high. It is also going to be very much higher. This shows that Rihanna is also a good businesswoman. She is a good singer, performer and a boss of her unique cosmetic and lingerie line. We can’t wait to see what she does next as she has many talents that she is revealing one by one to the world. 

These are the information about the life and net worth $600 million of the popular singer Rihanna.