Firefly Lane Season 3 and What We Know So Far

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane Season 3 is no longer coming to Netflix as the drama series has come to an end. The second season which was released recently also happens to be the final one. Needless to say this led to fans all over the world being disappointed by the news and looking to other sources to find if something else is happening. The series was adapted from the novel Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah into two seasons of 26 episodes in total. It also happens to be one of the best series in recent times. 

Concluded not Canceled

Concluded not Canceled

The spot of good news for fans is that the series was not canceled by the makers but merely concluded. This gives it the rare distinction of not being on the list of unfinished series and movies on Netflix. If one wishes to get updated on the story so far they can watch the previous seasons as well. They are really magnificent. Netflix had indeed announced way before the second season was released that they were ending the series and that the story arc of Tully and Kate had come to a decent end. 

The series may have ended but the story arc is now concluded. One might argue that the show was renewed for a second season and then canceled subsequently thus disappointing the fans. But the story does wrap itself up in the long run and all is well for the characters of the show. Kate’s long battle with cancer has come to an end and she lost it with immense grace and elegance. The series ends on a positive note with Kate’s funeral and Dancing Queen by ABBA playing in the background.  Thus one might be sad but also happy. 

Word from The Creators

Maggie Friedman talked to fans and other people about the end of the series and the subsequent path that opens from here. The writing room had a lot of options to alter the end of the tale. The decision everyone reached in the end was to stay faithful to the old ending and not alter it much. A wonderful choice to make because it does not happen that often in this business. It has been seen that showrunners often alter the main storyline of the series to suit the needs of a majority of the fan demands. 

Word from The Creators

The Book Has A Sequel

One good thing that came out of all this is that the book Firefly Lane now has an official sequel called Fly Away and it is out in the stores. The characters from the original book have to now deal with the consequences of Kate’s death and make their own lives better for themselves. Tully is now working as a celebrity news presenter but also rocked by the death of his best friend which sends him to rock bottom just like that. You can easily find the book for purchase in your nearest book stall. 

Future of the Series

There are no plans as of now to adapt the sequel book into a series. But as we know fate might take an interesting turn somewhere down the line. And we might be treated to yet another beautiful series. Fly Away is indeed a wonderful book and we see characters who are left to pick up pieces. After their beloved friend and family member dies of terminal illness. There is also concrete news that Netflix is working on some more feel good series. That will warm the souls of fans and newbies alike. 

The last episode of the second season was indeed a tear jerker for most people who have been following the series since its inception. The death of a pivotal character is always cataclysmic. And everyone got hit right in the feels because of this. We will never know if Tully ever recovers from this depression. Perhaps he will accept his lot in life and then move on some time later. As for now he is suffering the tragic loss of his friend and trying to stitch his life back together from pieces. It makes for a grand tale by all accounts. 

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