What Are The Kinds of Food Served In A Seafood Buffet?

Seafood Buffet

Many people who hear the word seafood buffet would assume that the restaurant only serves crab legs, lobsters, and shrimps. However, many do not know that a buffet of such kind includes various dishes from the sea. Try some lobster from Get Maine Lobster and other delectable dishes.

People do not eat other options because they are unfamiliar. Knowing the menu before you go to a seafood buffet would help you be familiar with the food items. With such familiarity, you can enjoy the buffet more. Below are the menu usually served in a seafood buffet:

Crab and Avocado Salad 

The crab and avocado salad is usually the appetizer served at buffets. This salad combines two of the crowd’s favourite food items. Plus, you do not have to hammer your way through the crab meat because it is already in the avocado salad. This salad is a great starter as it is very light and would not make you too full.

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Seared Sea Scallops with Salad on The Side 

Sometimes, the sea scallops go with a particular salad to elevate the flavours. You can have the scallops on its own but the restaurant would usually serve it with a salad, so you get some leafy greens on the side while enjoying your scallops.

Hot and Cold Fish Dishes 

Some of you might have seen seafood dishes placed on trays with ice on them. However, if you are not familiar with a seafood buffet, you might wonder why you should eat a cold dish. Most buffets have cold and hot seafood dishes. 

You can choose from poached shrimp with a cocktail dipping sauce, a poached salmon with cream cheese, and crackers or a toasted baguette for the cold seafood dishes.

As for the hot seafood dishes, they are usually there to compliment the cold fish dishes. You can serve seafood pasta with some shrimp on it or fettuccine with some lobster sauce. Risotto with clams is also a great hot seafood dish to try.

Salmon with Sauce 

Sometimes, salmon is not as famous as lobsters, shrimps, and crabs. It surprisingly goes well with the sauce that the restaurant would serve it with, along with a hint of lemon.

Seafood Pizza and Sandwiches

You might also find pizza at the seafood buffet table, and the toppings would be seafood, of course. Some of the usual toppings you would find are shrimp, canned tuna chunks, anchovies, canned salmon flakes, canned sardine or mackerel, crab, mussels, and some lobster pieces. Knowing this will let you decide if you want such food on your plate.

You could also find sandwiches that have seafood spreads on them. Some of the most common seafood sandwiches you will find at a seafood buffet are smoked salmon with cream cheese, canned tuna with mayo and diced cucumber, lobster pieces with mayo, flaked smoked mackerel with horseradish sauce, or fish fingers with tartar sauce. So many flavours will delight your palette.


The desserts at a seafood buffet are not your usual desserts found at other buffets. Since the seafood has different textures and flavour, you need a creamy dessert to finish your dining experience. One of these desserts is a coconut cream pie. Another is a pudding with brandy sauce. You can also find seasonal cookies that you can munch on. A lemon or coconut cake is also ideal to go with the seafood items you just ate. The traditional pumpkin pies, apple pies, and carrot cakes would also be great choices.

Now that you know some dishes at this kind of buffet, you are not limited to the most common food items. With such information, you can make more informed decisions on what to eat. You would also get a chance to eat food that you have never tried before, and who knows, you might end up wanting more. A buffet has so much to offer. It is all up to you to make your experience delightful. 

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