5 Sports Applications for Your Android Device

5 Sports Applications for Your Android Device

Are you a big fan of sports? Do you like to watch and engage in sport activities? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should have some of the most exciting, engaging and fun filled sports games on your android device.

If you feel that because of your health issues or due to your busy daily schedule you cannot simply go out in the field and play sports but you love them, it is okay. You can experience the spirit, thrill and enjoyment of sports in your android device. Yes, you can have some of the most exciting, fun filled and professional sports games that would give you a real ground and field experience. Don’t miss out on the following sports applications for your android device.

#FIFA Soccer 

FIFA Soccer

In case you are a big fan of soccer, then you probably know about this. FIFA Soccer is a great game series that benefits from the full partnership with the official football association. The gameplay is somewhat pleasant, it may take a couple of minutes to get familiar with the controls but it stays very simple overall. Find more than ten thousand  players from more than five hundred licensed teams, win cups, make transfers… it is certainly a complete experience.You would have a real time soccer experience through this creative and professional game. You can visit Odds Club. 

#NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19

The fans of basketball cannot just miss NBA2K’s new album. NBA 2K19 for mobile caters new features, including a fresh story mode. The gameplay has also been enhanced with simpler controls. Compared to previous years, the development is much easier than previous versions and demands less hand to pocket.  You would definitely love this game if you have love for basketball. 

#Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run

In case you wish to reconcile play with actual sport, then it is the one that is for you. The principle is simple: you just have to run away to escape the zombies that hunt for you. Just start running and allow the sound of the game guide you. It can become scary! If you don’t like running without a goal, then this can assist gamify your experience and have some more fun and enjoyment with your exercise.

#Rugby Manager

Rugby Manager

Just like that of PES CLUB MANAGER, this game aims to make the player a real manager of the team. Don’t imagine that you will be in a position to play a specific player, or lead your players in a manual way on the field; this is all about strategy and preparation. One of the great strength of this game for some: the game is multiplayer and it is even available on a web browser. You would have a distinct experience when you play this game.

#World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2

WCC 2 is a full package that encompasses rich content; you can play with pals, compete against other players in leader board, and play various game modes; T20, Test, and even that of ODI. The graphics, batsman/bowler’s playing style, animations, controls – everything is decent. There are a couple of leagues also available; IPL, World Cup, and even more. You can unlock the prestigious content with gold coins that you attain by winning matches. 


Thus, if you want to bring the thrill of sports in your life then you must have these sports games. These games would definitely give you a great experience. Just install 9apps free download file and this third party play store would get you all these sports games along with many more. Search and get the best for you.

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