Some of the Weirdest and Wackiest Deadpool Facts

Deadpool Facts

Here is a list of all the weird and wacky Deapool facts that you might have missed. People call him the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool made his cinematic debut in the year 2016, and his fans have been obsessed with him ever since. The character has done some incredible things during his life. Many of which are absolutely unacceptable. But in the end, he is still a superhero and every fan of Marvel loves his weird and wacky style. Let us discuss more about him in this article. 

A Relation with Deathstroke

Marvel deliberately created Deadpool with similarities to DC’s Deathstroke. The artist Rob Liefeld, after reading DC’s “Teen Titans” comics, was inspired by Deathstroke’s costume and characteristics. Marvel openly acknowledged the mirroring heroes, resulting in the name “Wade Wilson” as a nod to Slade Wilson.

Pansexual Deadpool

Marvel NOW’s writer Gerry Duggan confirmed that Wade will flirt with anyone, regardless of gender or species. He has been attracted to androids, aliens, demons, and anything with a pulse. Now that is actually quite the romantic dude. Deadpool does flirt shamelessly with everyone and everything he crosses paths with. 

The Killer of Everyone

In the comic “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe,” Deadpool goes on a killing spree. Becoming even more insane. He murders the entire Marvel roster. Including his own writers. He escapes the comic book world and threatens the reader. Declaring that he’s coming for them next. Also, his fourth wall breaking powers are quite incredible. 

A Relation with Deathstroke

Soft Spot for Kids

Wade has flexible morals, but he becomes sentimental around children. It’s unclear if it’s because of a difficult childhood or his immaturity. Nonetheless, it’s a heartwarming aspect of his character in the comics. Deadpool treats kids very well. Also, it is one of the most redeeming features of his personality. 

The Child of Deadpool and Spider Man

Deadpool and Spider-Man share similarities in their suits, humor, and banter. But their connection goes even deeper. The villain Patient Zero created Itsy Bitsy by combining their genes. Resulting in a deadly character with a dark sense of humor and lethal web-shooting abilities. Also, she turned out to be nothing like her unwilling parents. 

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool

In Deadpool and Cable #2, Wade mentioned Ryan Reynolds, comparing himself to the actor mixed with a Shar-Pei. This reference seemed to foreshadow Reynolds’ eventual portrayal of Deadpool, a role that suited him perfectly. Also, this is one of the greatest facts about Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds also looks and acts like Deadpool in real life. 

Soft Spot for Kids

Unconventional Tastes

Wade has had unconventional long-term girlfriends like Mistress Death and the demon queen, Shiklah. These relationships were far from ordinary, as his partners had peculiar traits such as being a person-eating entity. Also, these tastes reflect just how weird he is. But well, he is Deadpool after all isn’t he?

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Deadpool possesses a unique self-awareness of his existence in various media forms like comic books, video games, and movies. While some characters may perceive him as insane, his unpredictable nature sets him apart from the concept of “super-sanity” associated with characters like the Joker. Now that is something Deadpool would do. 

He Kept His Own Name

During his time as a subject of the Weapon X experiments, Deadpool and the other test subjects created a betting pool called the “Dead Pool”. To wager on who would survive each round. Remarkably, Wade managed to defy the odds of 1000-to-one and survived until his eventual escape. Furthermore, this awareness is quite incredible. 




Breaking The Fourth Wall

Killer of Many Characters

Following Deadpool’s rampage in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe,” the next chapter took him on a mission to kill famous fictional characters. This intriguing concept was explored in the 2013 comic series “Deadpool Killustrated,” where Wade mercilessly murdered well-known characters such as Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, and Huckleberry Finn. It’s a premise that fans secretly yearn to witness in a Deadpool movie. Deadpool killing Abraham Lincoln. Now that’s something. 

His Powers Also Kill Him

Weapon X granted Wade an incredibly potent regenerative power that surpasses even Wolverine’s. This ability prevents him from being killed and has even saved him from decapitation. However, the regenerative process accelerated his existing cancer, transforming him into a disfigured mass of tumors. As a result, Wade’s appearance is famously grotesque beneath his suit. Removing the tumor would inevitably result in his death.

Pop Culture Nerd

Having the ability to break The Fourth Wall naturally grants Wade extensive knowledge of pop and nerd culture. He is known to reference a wide range of subjects, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars, old Marvel movies, and even timeless classics like Basic Instinct and The Terminator. Also, he is a sucker for old cinema and even literature. It is really nice. 

His Powers Also Kill Him

He Has a Sidekick

After their initial encounter, Jack Hammer became Wade’s personal arms dealer and informant, earning the codename “Weasel.” Their relationship is primarily professional, with Weasel providing weapons and valuable information to the Merc. Also, Weasel keeps the relationship strictly to the basics of giving and taking products. Anything more would be an indiscretion. 

Deadpool is Canadian

Wade has two major loves: chimichangas and his home country of Canada. He has an unwavering affection for his homeland, which is quite remarkable considering his unpredictable nature. Also, he is pretty impressive about his identity. Deadpool would not have it any other way. We would not expect anything less. 

He is a Dad, Too

Considering Wade’s promiscuous lifestyle, it’s not surprising that he has fathered a child. His daughter, Ellie, is a Latina girl. Wade feels guilty for the mother’s death and even went to the extent of living near her guardian to be close to his daughter. Also, this shows he finds relationships a necessary anchor. Let us see. Maybe we will see this is cinema. 

He is a Dad, Too

The Dialogue Colors

In the comics, Wade has a unique way of expressing his thoughts through speech bubbles. His speech bubbles are yellow, but he also has two personas represented by one yellow and one white speech box. Although he interacts with them as separate personalities, it’s mostly a conversation within himself, involving his conscious and less immature subconscious.

Deadpool Has Bovinophobia

Wade is afraid of cows and clowns. He believes cows are sneaky and attack when you least expect it, despite their harmless appearance. He also considers clowns to be a significant threat, ranking them second only to Galactus in terms of danger to Earth. Also, who can blame him? Cows with their vacant stares and aimless wandering in the field. They indeed look like dangers to the word. 

He Has Diplomatic Skills

Deadpool is so good at talking and making jokes that he can defeat enemies just by using his words. He even managed to do this with Galactus, a powerful cosmic being. Wade flew around Galactus, fighting off aliens and saying random things until Galactus got frustrated and lost his focus.

He Loves Captain America

Even though Deadpool can be unpredictable and not always morally upright, he actually looks up to Captain America. And wishes he could be more like him. Captain America seems to understand Deadpool and is one of the few who can tolerate his actions. Maybe it’s because they both went through government experiments.

Handsome Without Cancer

Deadpool looks quite handsome without the cancer. He is suave and polished. Also, he is quite muscular and firm. What’s more, some often say that he resembles the actor Ryan Reynolds. We wonder why on earth that could be. Perhaps the actor played or is going to play Deadpool in the future. Of course, only time will tell. Let us see.

Deadpool Annoys Everyone

Of course he does. We know it. You know it. Everyone on the planet knows it. Deadpool annoys the heck out of everyone. Even Steve Rogers finds him annoying at times. And Steve genuinely tries to be nice to him. He wouldn’t be Deadpool if he was nice, eh? So it is understandable. 

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