Everything About The Life Of Tom Brady’s Daughter, Vivian Lake Brady

Vivian Lake Brady

Vivian Lake Brady is one of the celebrity children of the finest American professional football player, Tom Brady, and the model from brazil, Gisele Bundchen. Well, she is primarily famous for being the daughter of a famous athlete and a gorgeous model. In this article, we will provide you with some interesting information regarding her biographical details and other life facts. So, read this article if you want to know more about the little princess. 

Her Short Biographical Detail 

Well, since people are looking to find out more information concerning her, then let us provide you with her biographical details, including her date of birth, her parents’ name, and whether she has some siblings or not. Moreover, we will also discuss if the little one is now going to school or not, or what her net worth is. So, find out all the information here. 

Vivian Lake Brady Birthdate, Hometown, And Nationality

So, if you are wondering what her date of birth is, it’s on 5th December 2012. Therefore, she is currently just 8 years old. Moreover, the hometown for the sweet little girl is in Boston, Massachusetts. As for her nationality, the girl is from America, therefore, she is an American. In addition, she has a white ethnic background. As for her zodiac sign, it’s Sagittarius. 

A little On Her Parents 

So, as we said earlier, her parents are really famous. In fact, her father, Tom Brady, is a very popular figure among sports enthusiasts. He is one of the cool football players of the New England Patriot team. In fact, he is the captain of the team with a huge responsibility.  

Since his father holds a very prestigious position, it’s natural that he has a lot of fan following. Therefore, her little one also gets some of the spotlights. As for her mother, she is one of the top models of brazil, Gisele Bundchen. 

Therefore, she is also quite famous as well.  In addition, she is also famous as a businesswoman who does social activities. As for her modeling career, she did some shoots for various luxury brands. For example, she featured in the magazines such as Vogue, Marie, Claire, etc. 

Vivian Lake Brady Siblings, If She Has Any

So, the little daughter of Tom and Gisele does have her siblings. Well, she has two of them, as a matter of fact. One of them is Benjamin, and another of them is John. Moreover, readers might be interested to know that John is the Half-brother of Vivian, from the relationship of his father to Bridget Moynahan. Furthermore, the birth year of Benjamin is 2009, while his brother was born in 2007. 

Her School And Education

Well, she is still in primary school right now. Furthermore, if you are wondering about which school she is in, well, her parents didn’t share any details about that. However, from the sources, we know that she goes to the same school as her brother Benjamin. 

Exuding The Same Vibe As Her Parents

It’s quite simple, that a child may acquire the same interests as their parents. Therefore, Vivian Lake Brady is no exception to that. She shares the same love of sports as her father and fashion sense like her mother. 

Her Love For Sports 

Well, we see her on the football field, supporting her father from the stands. Just like the kids who love sport, she seems to have developed quite a liking for football. Therefore, she never misses out on the opportunities to cheer for her father. In fact, she often goes with her father to the games and other sports-related activities.

Vivian As A Fashion Diva

In addition to her love for sports, she also got the same fashion sense and vibe as her mother. Just like her mother is a model and tries on luxurious brands and all, she too likes to put on some make-up and dress up in a fine fashion. She’s like a cute little diva who attracts the public with her innocent smile and charming personality. 

A Controversy Surrounding Her

Back in January 2018, there was a certain controversy. Alex Reimer, a WEEI star, while talking about the documentary ‘Tom vs Time’, made some bad comments on the little princess. People might know that Alex Reimer is a radio personality. So, he commented something like “Brady’s in the Kitchen, his kid’s being an annoying little pissant’. So, naturally, people took this comment in a bad taste. 

After Tom Brady came to know about this comment, he also got angry and decided to walk off in the midst of an interview.  He was giving an interview with WEEI at that time. Though the co-host of the show apologized, Brady didn’t stay long there. 

After that incident, there was news that the people of the WEEI suspended Alex Reimer. There was some uproar after that incident, but naturally, it was all in a bad taste. 

Vivian Lake Brady Net Worth 2021

Vivian Lake Brady Net Worth & Salary : Well, since she doesn’t even have a job yet, she doesn’t earn anything. Therefore, she likes to live a cool time with her family. Moreover, her parents make sure that she leads a comfortable life. 

As for her parents, Tom Brady has a net worth of around $200 million USD. Similarly, his wife, Gisele Bundchen also has a lot of fame and money to her name, supposedly, $200million. 

Quick Wikis/ Bio

Name Vivian Lake Brady
Real Name
Nick Name Vivian
Gisele Bündchen’s daughter
Birth Year 2012
Age 8 Years (As of 2021)
How tall is Vivian
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) United States of America
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $540 Million As of 2021
Parents Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady
Grandparents Galynn Patricia Brady, Vania Nonnenmacher, Valdir Bündchen, Tom Brady Sr.
Instagram @vivian_lake_bundchen/

Final thoughts:

So that’s all folks. As a cute member of the family, she’s definitely attracting the followers of her parents. So, these were some biographical details and life facts of her. We hope you liked reading this.