How Ghost Immobiliser Is A Smart Way To Secure Your Car?


The Internet is not only a source from where you get useful information, but it also provides criminals with tricks on how to break in and steal something. The same is the case with your expensive car as they are more prone to get attacked by potential thieves. A car with a proper security system installed and it is getting stolen is inevitable. In this article, we are going to discuss a system that makes the car secure by making them undrivable, and to start the car requires a pin code configuration upon entry and this device is known as Ghost immobiliser.

Ghost Immobiliser

What Makes Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Unique?

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser requires a pin code to start up the car, and this pin code can be made up from between 4 digits to 21 digits. It is also worth mentioning that these pin codes can be done by pressing any of the buttons present on the steering wheel, the central console, or the door. In simple words any button available in your car. This pin code sequence makes it hard for the thieves to guess what the pin code is. And this is what makes the car secure.

Once this device gets installed inside your car, then it becomes untraceable. It is small in size, which makes it get wrapped within the car wires easily. This device does not emit any radio frequency signal.

What Does That Mean?

It is just like a keyless remote key. You must have it with you to enter the car; otherwise, it won’t get started. While it was developed as a security feature, but in recent years it has also become vulnerable. The main issue with the key fob is that it sends frequency radio signals all the time. When it is in combination with another device, it can cause the fob key to go into sleep mode.

When this key is sending the signals, the thieves can quietly sit outside the house, patiently waiting with a cheap, yet efficient electronic device to capture the signals. Once they catch it, they send it to the vehicle. In this case, the car will be given a signal that the fob key is present and thus opens the car and start it. This process will also allow you to clone the new fob key in a few minutes. In the end, your cars get stolen.

However, with the Ghost II immobiliser, your vehicle is in ultimate protection mode because it uses the cars CAN data network. When you have such a security device installed, it will not result in a stolen car. The main benefit of this is that it does not use any radio frequency signal and this keeps the vehicle highly secured. This also means that it is not traceable by any type of diagnostic equipment.

How Does It Work?

After the ghost immobiliser is set up, the car will not start except the pin code configuration is entered in the right way. And the car is secure. On several cars, the engine will refuse to start. And on others, the engine will start, but the minute the gears are changed, it’ll stop. This system operates differently from one vehicle to another, making it tough to be identified.

The Ghost immobiliser systems offer safety against car robbery like nothing else available in the market. Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser isn’t always Thatcham cat-accredited yet. But, increasingly more insurance provider companies require the device to be fitted. This can both lessen the number of claims made to insurance companies, and can also lessen monthly charges. In case you are not certain whether or not ghost immobiliser is an alternative for you, please get in touch with the technicians that can provide reliable key solutions.

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