Eco Towels – Advanced Towels with High Absorption Abilities

Eco Towels – Advanced Towels with High Absorption Abilities

Towel is a piece of absorbent fabric which is used for drying or wiping after bath, swimming or showering. It is one of the most important amenities that are needed by everyone. Generally, towels are very heavy and take a lot of time to dry. To overcome this problem, eco towels have been introduced in the market. You must be wondering what are eco towels? These are basically snag-free and quick drying towels. Since, they are known to dry faster; it helps you to save a lot of time and energy.

Why use eco towels?

Dry faster: These towels are known to dry up 40% faster as compared to the normal towels.

Save Water: In these towels, the base construction is made up of polyester that absorbs less water. Also, they require less water for the washing purpose.

Snag Free: To check whether these cloths are snag free or not, a test with wire brush was performed. It is proved that they will not be affected by the sharp edges of the laundry cages, nails or jewellery. The loops of these towels do not pull or hem does not spill, they are virtually indestructible and snag free.
Eco Towels – Advanced Towels with High Absorption Abilities1
Easy to Wash: Since, they are designed with a unique open base construction; they are easy to wash and dry. Also, they have exceptional colour fastness. Their colour is not easily vanished while washing.

Easy Care Tips for Eco Towel

  • It is always recommended to wash towel at 70 degrees Celsius. This temperature is usually considered as the thermal disinfectant at which majority of the bacteria are eradicated.
  • You can enhance the colour of white towels with addition of some amount of bleach while washing but do not bleach coloured towels with Chlorine bleach.
  • There is no need to iron the towel, as it may flatten the loops present on the towel.
  • If your towel has been stained, then you must make use of stain remover to remove the stains. It is not necessary to dry clean them.
  • In case you are tumble drying, then you must never exceed temperature to 60 degrees Celsius. Fluffiness of the towel is maintained at this temperature.
  • In case you are using fabric softener, then it is essential to read the manufacturers guide thoroughly. It is seen that excessive use of fabric softener can lower down the water absorption capacity of the towels and also deliver greasy feel to the user.

Where to Buy

Online stores are one of the best places to buy it. There are many websites that are selling such products at reasonable rates. Brands like Mizu are currently offering 60% discount on these eco-friendly bath towel sets, which is a limited time deal and you can buy directly from their website. You can order for them at ease from these stores even in bulk quantities. They are ideal for both commercial and residential use. Hotels and spas are opting for them due to less laundry expense, longevity and luxury.

So, if you are looking forward to purchase towels in bulk quantities for your hotel or spa, then it will be beneficial if you will choose eco towels. They are cost-effective and will provide you with immense benefits in the future use.