Can Children Wear Second-hand Children’s Clothes?

Can Children Wear Second-hand Children's Clothes

Would you dress your child in second-hand children’s clothes that a friend sent over? It has to be said that nowadays, the cost of raising children is getting higher and higher, and most young parents can hardly support the economic expenditure of the whole family without the help of their elders. And in life, there are some parents in raising their children, in line with the principle of the province on the province, as long as the child can use things, even second-hand goods also doesn’t matter. If you want to find wholesale kid clothes or trendy kids wholesale clothing, you can find them in Prettykid.

For example, relatives and friends give each other second-hand children’s clothing phenomenon. The emergence of second-hand children’s clothes is not a bad thing, it has made a great contribution in saving energy and avoiding waste, parents have found a way to solve the problem of unsuitable children’s clothes. Because the child is young, there is no awareness of this aspect; And children grow fast, new clothes will soon become ill-fitting, so there is no need to always buy new children’s clothes.

However, second-hand children’s clothes are not as beautiful as we think! With the idea of environmental protection and saving, second-hand children’s clothing is definitely a great thing. However, don’t neglect your baby’s health before putting them on secondhand children’s clothes. The most afraid of second-hand goods for children is that they have not been disinfected. If they are used directly for the baby, some children with poor physical resistance are prone to physical discomfort. Therefore, when parents choose second-hand goods for their children, they must pay attention to safety and avoid some safety risks. After all, children are very small and their resistance is not enough to fight against too many germs. As long as it’s second-hand, I recommend you disinfect it as soon as possible, especially if it’s related to children.

So, relatives and friends to send second-hand children’s goods in the end can not want it? Generally speaking, as long as it can ensure the health of children, second-hand children’s goods can still be accepted, both to save money and make the second use of these items, very low carbon environmental protection. For example, the children have not used toys, picture books, books, no damaged clothes and children’s small home appliances, these can be used for many times, as long as the parents clean up before the children with timely disinfection can be.

Here recommend a few more reasonable disinfection method:

The first is boiling water at a high temperature, because bacteria can hardly survive at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. This method kills most bacteria and viruses. And this method is relatively simple, as long as it is put into the pot, and then can be placed on the gas heating can be, simple operation, no harm.

The second kind of method can use microwave oven, action and high temperature water boil same, basically use the method of high temperature sterilization to come namely sterilization, and do not need hot water, so safety is taller.

The third method can use the sun exposure, this method is more suitable for paper items, such as children’s books and some paper puzzles, boiling is certainly not good, at this time in the sun exposure can also be sterilization.

Compared with other baby products, second-hand children’s clothes have the highest recycling rate, but at the same time, they also have the most safety risks. Parents must do a good job of pre-disinfection when wearing these clothes for their children. The commonest disinfection means is high temperature water boil, or prepare a baby special disinfection ark, utilization rate and fungicide rate are taller, and the chemical material on clothing also can clear cleaner.

You don’t have to be too repellant to the baby to wear second-hand children’s clothes, as long as the attention to health problems, old clothes after many times of washing to wear to the child, not only the material is softer, the formaldehyde and fluorescent ingredients will be less and less, so it is actually safer. In a word, second-hand children’s clothes can give children to wear, the key to see how parents deal with, if because of carelessness to bring trouble to children, suffer is always innocent children.

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