Is Pittsburgh a Good Place to Live? 5 Reasons to Move to Pittsburgh

Move to Pittsburgh

Did you know that in 2019, less than one-tenth of the population moved within the United States? Data shows that the Millennial generation, those born between roughly 1980 and 1996, hold responsibility for this statistic. 

Due to the lower demand for housing in many parts of the country, it may in fact be the perfect time to relocate to a new city, like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You may be wondering: Is Pittsburgh a good place to live? Read on to learn about some of the main attractions of the city. 

  1. The Pittsburgh Zoo

One of the most fantastic places in Pittsburgh, its zoo happens to be one of only six combined zoo-aquariums in the United States of America. It features an exhibit known as the Tropical Forest, which contains five acres of habitat for Amazonian animals.

If you and your family love to visit the zoo, it may be worth the annual fee to invest in a zoo membership here, so you can enjoy this attraction year-round. 

  1. Diverse and Delicious Cuisine

Being one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, Pittsburgh also has a variety of food for every taste. You can grab a bite to eat at hundreds of restaurants ranging from low key to five stars, or visit a local brewery for a taste of craft beer. If you’re a foodie, then Move to Pittsburgh will be a perfect place to live.

  1. Sports Teams Galore

Pittsburgh residents have pride in their sports teams, many of which have competitive national reputations. If you move to Pittsburgh, you can catch a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game, or cheer on the Steelers if you love the NFL. With sports going on year-round, you will always be able to find a game to watch.

  1. Different Neighborhood Cultures

The city of Pittsburgh contains almost 100 neighborhoods, and each has unique traits that draw people to relocate there. Many areas hug the rivers running through the city, so a waterside experience may be only a few blocks away for yourself and your family. The array of options ranges from the thriving heart of downtown Pittsburgh to peaceful suburban areas. 

  1. Experience All Four Seasons 

Pennsylvania happens to be one of the areas of the country that offers all four seasons. If you love watching the leaves change in fall or flowers bloom in spring, Pittsburgh may be the perfect city for you. Temperatures range from the low twenties in January to the low eighties in July, so you will never be frigidly cold or sweltering in the heat.  

Is Pittsburgh a Good Place to Live? You Decide

Are you still asking yourself, is Pittsburgh a good place to live? Although arranging a move can be difficult, it is often incredibly rewarding once you settle into your new life. With everything Pittsburgh has to offer, you will no doubt feel right at home. 

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