SwaggerSouls face – Bio Wiki, Facts, Family Life of YouTuber


SwaggerSouls is an American YouTuber and a popular social media personality. The man has gained huge fan followers for his YouTube channel. In his channel, he posts game-related content, general updates, and live-action skits. He is unique as a YouTube personality, as he plays with strangers in the gaming community. A special thing about this celebrity is that he wears a knight helmet in his YouTube posts. He wears a helmet for his safety from people. 

The background Information of SwaggerSouls:

SwaggerSouls was born on February 24 1994. He was born in the United States. Now, he stays in the northwestern part of the United States. His residential address is in doubt. The real name of SwaggerSouls is Eric Vivian Matthew. The social media personality never shares his family details with the public. He even hides his face for safety from the public. 

There is no information about his education. Less information about his parents and family members are in doubt. There are no confirmed details about his family.

Information about SwaggerSouls:

SwaggerSouls started his YouTube channel on May 8 2015. After a year, he began to post content on his channel. The celebrity has around 1.8 million subscribers, with 80 million views for his posts. He posts every week, and each video gets lakhs of views. 

Coming to his social media platforms, the celebrity has equal fan followers as his YouTube channel. The celebrity has almost 215 thousand followers on Twitter. On Instagram, the YouTuber has around 235 thousand followers. The celebrity is active on Twitch, where he has around 150 thousand followers.

The YouTuber had its first post on his channel on April 18, 2016. The title of the post is ‘Casual Shoutcasting CSGO’. In this video, SwaggerSouls portrays like playing ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’. In 2018, this video gained 250 thousand views. With this, one can get the YouTuber is one of the most prominent gamers on the YouTube channel. 

Among his various videos, the video that has gained more views is the Face Reveal Video. SwaggerSouls’s face reveal video has around 3.6 million views as of now. He posts many popular videos on YouTube channel. They are 

  1. The Therapist-Rust
  2. Steroid Souls – CS: GO Funny Moments
  3. Let Them Eat Cake – CS: GO Funny Moments
  4. Highly Illegal CSGO Moments

Each of these posts has millions of views.

The Gameplay is the popular type of gaming content on his YouTube channel. Nowadays, many bloggers post thousands of gameplay videos every day. In such a competitive platform, one has to be unique in his posts differing from others. The celebrity maintains uniqueness, as he plays video games with strangers. An interesting fact is that the celebrity hides his face and personal details from the public.

SwaggerSouls Face Reveal:

The celebrity posts his videos every week. In all of his posts, he hides his face, which the fans don’t care about it. The YouTuber is not ready to show his face to his fans. Other celebrities inspire his decision of hiding face. The celebrity is not ready to reveal his face to the public.

He came closer to disclose his face in July 2018. In such a time, the celebrity posted a live video named “one million subscribers special”. In such an attempt, one of his friends discloses the face by removing the helmet. This seems to end with the confusion that many people wearing the same helmet disclose the faces in that video. According to the report, in all those faces, one of them was SwaggerSouls. 

This video of unrevealing the celebrity’s face is to celebrate the time of reaching one million subscribers for his channel. His unknown face has 3 million subscribers on his channel.

SwaggerSouls – Net Worth:

The celebrity YouTuber is making good money out of his YouTube channel. The net worth of SwaggerSouls is $700,000. He is earning good money from sharing the different types of gaming videos and his unique posts. A rough estimate says that the celebrity earns almost $960 per day. He has 4 million subscribers with 3 million views for posts in April 2020. It seems to increase in the future with his new interesting posts.

SwaggerSouls – Height:

In one of his tweets, he posts his height details. In that post, his height is 4 feet 20 inches. After some arguments between his fans, he tweets his original height to be 5 feet 8 inches. He does like this, as he doesn’t want to reveal his personal information to his fans.


SwaggerSouls is a YouTube Star and a famous social media personality. He is an internet sensation and a member of the podcast group Misfits. He and his five friends became a member of this group. There is no doubt that the celebrity will gain much more fan followers for his channel.

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